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Is Weed A Brain Vitamin That We Probably Require?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chimera Prod, May 25, 2013.

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    Edit- Scroll down and read Storm Crows post about Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. 
    It is a real thing. Skim rite over the autistic face palmers please. 
    It seems like weed balances my mind so well, like its more of a supplemental vitamin instead of a drug. I mean when I stop using it, I don't feel near as hopeful or excited. Its hard to explain but for example- I hear there is a chemical already made in our brains similar to thc. So I was thinking, what if when we are a kid our brains produce this alot more naturally, but when we become adults its gone. So then you need to supplement it to feel like a kid again (well not like a kid, but you know what I mean). 
    I really consider weed as a mind vitamin. It seems like I require it just to feel normal, and balanced. 

  2. I never take my vitamins, but I always smoke weed.  Conclusion? Weed ISNT a vitamin.  Case closed.
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    Huh? We aren't talking about vitamins to boost your immune system, we are talking about vitamins to boost your brain and neurological balance...damnit stoners think! And taking it through liquid drops like I'm doing now makes me think it probably is the ultimate chemical balancer instead of those fucked up prescriptions people get for depression & anxiety 
  4. Weed affects everyone differently. When I smoke I have no interest/attention span to do any homework or write any papers, just can't focus. (however I do think of good ideas while high) One of my fraternity brothers however wil get stoned out of his mind and sit there for hours and do all of his work. I'm over here like "Hey, don't you wanna play Fifa?"
  5. lol this kids high
  6. Your brain already produces it's own "weed" OP. 
    Natural cannabinoids are a proven occurrence. 
  7. Truth
  8. I get what you are saying about how it balances you, but If you think about how it makes you react and HOW good it make you feel. It's way to much to be classified as a 'vitamin' that re balances your mind. If what you say is true, then we take THC in much higher doses than nature intended us to. Making us really super happy. The only thing that can kinda balance it out at those doses are very real events. Ever noticed how when you are super stoned and someone knocks on the door, or you are out in public and someone ask you something, you snap back to reality, not completely. And never enough to seem perfectly normal.
    You might as well be saying that what if nature intended us to be super high all the time, and that when we are high, and others ask us questions, that we are completely normal, and they are the ones on drugs.
    I'm not sure how that worked together, I kinda forgot everything i was typing as i typed it.
    Peace and chicken grease. Stay stoned,  :bongin:  :smoking:
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    Yeah that's what I'm saying, but what if as a kid it is produced way more and when we become an adult its practically gone. 
    So we aren't just trying to stay high all the time, we are trying to stay normal, like a child. Because their brains are full off the stuff. 
    I don't think kids act like they do simply because they haven't had as much life experience. 
    Happy is your brain being healthy, we should be happy and laughing all the time. 
    So since our brain already produces these natural cannabinoids, it is natural the same way creatine is already obtained from meat and in our bodies already. Creatine is a supplement and steriods are a drug, just like weed is a brain supplement and not a drug, because its already found in our body. 
    All the prescriptions they give people for balancing your brain chemicals are not already found in our brain, neither is cocaine heroine etc. So I guess what I'm saying is true, we are only supplementing what our own brain isn't making enough of. 
    But what if people who don't smoke or don't need to smoke that much already produce it naturally more than the rest?
    Also it's sad that people are so used to face palming when they see something a bit deep being talked about just because they are too lazy to actually think about it.
    lol.  :smoking:
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    The compounds you are wanting to learn about are anandamide and 2-AG. A Dr Ethan Russo has done a study that may interest you-
    Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency        (full - 2004)
    Easier reading articles-
    Not Feeling Well? Perhaps You're 'Marijuana Deficient'       (news – 2010)
    Levels And Efficacy Of A Marijuana-Like Substance In The Brain Controlled By Newly Discovered Mechanism          (news – 2010)
    THC "looks" enough like anandamide and 2-AG that your body can and will use THC in their place if they are missing! You are sort of on the right track, THC and CBD are not "vitamins", rather they are compounds similar to the endocannabinoids that your body makes- more akin to hormones than vitamins in their use, but just as essential!
    \nHon, I want to take you on an educational trip! Check out the bottom of my sig and send me an email. I'll send you back over 1000 pages of links to medical studies and articles!  You can become GC's next "Ganja Guru" by educating yourself!
    \nAnd take your Omega 3! You need it every day for the health of your endocannabinoid system!
    \n[SIZE=12pt]Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt](abst – 2011)           [/SIZE]
    He is...The chosen one. 
  13. You ALL are!
  14. I'm the Chosen One.
  15. Yo bro you must be stoned as hell to come up with a theory like that LOL  :smoking:
  16. I totally get where OP is coming from. I have thought of this before too. I want to do an experiment where we somehow get the whole world high every evening for a week or two and see if it helps people see the world "correctly".

  17. Granny solved the riddle once again! 

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