is water a beverage

Discussion in 'General' started by Baloobas, May 19, 2010.

  1. is water classified as a beverage or is it just water:confused:
  2. drink it. And I know the definition of beverage excludes water but in order for something to become a beverage it starts off with water first, right? ;)
  3. Water is rebirth. Huzzah!

    ... The fuck does that even mean, Horse Lips?

    Quiet, you!
  4. Of course it's a fucking beverage, what the fuck else would it be?

    lol... nevermind, I just read the definition of "beverage"
  5. i never see 'water. . . . . . . . .free' in the drink section on menus
  6. WATER!!!!

    where would be with water!!!!

    i think since its so great, water should be able to consider itself a bevarage and anything else it wants!


    whats better then water and tits, together!
  7. Damn now I want to go to the beach :mad:!

  8. hahahah me tooooo!
  9. Let's all go to South Beach!!! and burn a few bong loads :D
  10. No, its not a beverage, a beverage is a drink that someone has to prepare for you, eg mix some shit up.
  11. I'm AT the beach! drinkin powerade
  12. What if you add ice?
  13. It's ice cold water.

  14. is air an inhalant?
  15. Is a grape leaf clothes?
  16. Are fingers utensils?
  17. water is THE beverage. :smoking:

  18. if it's just ice it's still water

    lemon slice makes it a beverage
  19. I consider water a beverage, anything that you drink in my opinion is a beverage.
    and theres nothing like swiggin some cold water when your mouth is dry as hell. Like after a night of drinking, or after a heavy workout.
    Im actually enjoyin a nice glass of cold ice water right now and its lovely.

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