Is trippystick dot net legit?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by eatbeef40, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Yeah so i've been thinking about getting a trippy stick because it looks cool and seems like it would get you pretty damn high. I live in Washington but I dont have a green card, I was wondering if any websites sell these trippy sticks? I only found one site so far and its but im not sure if its legit or not. Theres not much info on the website nor any reviews. If anyone knows let me know. Thanks.
  2. dont waste youre money on it
  3. Why? is it not good? and your signature looks like one of them lol.
  4. Buy a quality desktop vaporizer like a DBV/SSV or an Extreme Q. If you are looking for something portable, nothing beats the PAX right now in my experience.

    Getting a subpar vaporizer can turn you off to vaporizing easily, and you would truly be missing out if you don't experience a quality vaporizer.

    All the ones I listed are reasonably priced for their function!
  5. Thanks for the recommendations, but I like smoking blunts/joints so im looking more for an e-cig. I'm really not trying to pay over $100. I got some hash oil right now thats just sitting not being used.
  6. people have lots of problems with them, and they over price it. its just a rebranded ego t ecig
    doesnt look like a trippy stick lol
  7. So are all these e-cig looking vaporizers bogus? because im getting tired of buying swishers/joint papers all the time, i'm looking to save some $.

  8. 2012 Latest Model Magic Flight Launch Box: Electronics

    One of the best portable vaporizers out there for only $74.

    Blows the e-cigs wayyyyy out of the water. ;)
  9. trippy stick = ecig just with a different name
    cannacig is one but was modded, one of the better ones, try it.
    you lookin for hashoils only?

  10. Well unless these e-cigs can have bud put in them and vaped then thats even better. I got like a little more than an 8th of the oil.
  11. go for the thermovape then
  12. I was checking out that cannacig. Hows that? Does it only take oil as well? and are the cartridges reusable or disposable?
  13. I saw on worldstar a girl takes a hit from her snatch with one....

    and she was nice so even if it doesn't get you ripped which it probably wont since portables like my mflb suck... still legit to have one

    pull that shit out in class and hit it haha
  14. cannacig is for oils only, disposable, around 300 puffs depends how you use it
  15. Do you know how many cartridges comes with the cannacig? and how much do they sell them separately online? (empty that is). I'm really tempted to go for the cannacig.
  16. this is what comes with it
    1. 2 (TWO) atomizers
2. 2 (TWO) batteries

    3. 1 (ONE) USB Charger
4. 1 (ONE) USB wall plug

    5. 5 (FIVE) atomized cartridges

    6. 1 (ONE) Instruction manual

    you basically get two cannacigs. they dont have empty ones for sale separately but will sooooon.
    the cartridges dont need replacing as often as the atomizers do

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