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is this worth a dub

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ickis420, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. so I just met these dudes next door and he sold me this for a dub. he said it was a fire but at the moment im too drunk to tell what its like. what do you guys think?

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  2. looks tasty to not sure about that.
    hows it taste/smell?
  3. Without something like a lighter or a coin in frame next to it, it's hard to judge.

    But most likely......Hell NO:(:smoke:
  4. id put like 10 down on that tops. lol
  5. word, need something for comparison. Something that everyone can recognize
  6. get a scale. then you'll know.
  7. id pay like 10-15 usd for that
  8. i left for a bit and by the time i was back my room smelled like bud. if this ends up not being a good deal i can talk to the other kid tomorrow who i know better. here is a picture with a lighter next to it

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  9. it depends how dense it is. if it smoked good and you got fucked up it was worth it. it if weighs out to be a gram then your good. but you should really get a scale. you should be able to tell when you break it up.

  10. I personally wouldnt be happy to pay 10 for that in seattle.

  11. over here in maryland its usually 20 for a gram of good. sometimes 15. but it all depends on quality. that little nug he has doesnt look like a gram. but only a scale could tell.
  12. looks like some decents mids. But personally iwouldnt have payed $20 for that.

    I can get more than that for $5
  13. What's a dub?

    Looks like a small stick down here in aus going for about $10
  14. No, that looks more like a dimebag to me.
  15. yea id pay 10 for that. looks kinda dank tho so minus well just enjoy it because all i can get where i live is mids... :smoke:
  16. It depends what you mean by "dub". Where I go to school, a dub is a 4 gram bag of mids for $20. But I think you mean he made you pay $20 for it. Headies are about $20 a gram here so if that is a gram, which it looks like it can be, of headies then you are okay. If that is mids then you need to go get at least 2 more grams of bud from your friends.
  17. Why do some folks say a dub is $20 and other folks say its 2 grams?

  18. dub= 20.

    some places 20 dollars is worth more then 2 grams. but also some places 20 gets you 2 grams. either way a dub refers to 20 dollars worth of bud, however much your getting depending on quality/ prices around your way.
  19. Not sure. Maybe? Density is unknown and I'm not very good with proportions. :D
  20. NO WAY WE CAN WEIGH THAT THROUGH A COMPUTER SCREEN. damn these threads get so FUCKING ANNOYING. / end rant.

    1. get off your ass
    2. go to walmart or hobby shop
    3. buy scale
    4. get home
    5. weigh your skimpy looking dub out
    6. call the guy and ask for what he shorted you.

    also that doesnt look too dank, and most bud does make the room smell. i have a jar of durban poison and if i opened it and left it here the whole house would smell like bud. so thats not rare at all.

    also, :bongin:

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