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Is this white widow?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Monsterkush100, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. I paid 60 for 3.1 of white widow

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  2. I don't know I gotta get a second opinion...
  3. 60$ damn.
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  4. No one can tell you what strain you have from a picture.
    No one can smell or smoke a picture on the internet.
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  5. Is that good?
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  6. Bad I pay 30$ for 4.0g
    Or 150$ to 200$ for 28 g have for years
    I'm sure theres people who get it alot cheaper too. Most I would ever pay is 10 $ a G street price if in a pinch.
  7. 25$ ounces here in oregon if ya don’t got a green thumb
  8. That's absurd. I've never bought an ounce but I've gotten a half for $100...
  9. That’s how we roll love
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  10. Is that low quality stuff for 25$ an oz? If so how much is the AAAA bud? That would be a dream that cheap lol
  11. He said it was fire. It’s making my ocd worse
  12. tbh you just got taxed for shake. if they’re gonna go more than 10 a g it has to be quality dense buds not popcorn nugs that hit the bottom of the bag, lost all the crystals, and 50% stem. find a better plug imo

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  13. Thanks for the advice
  14. Ain't top shelf but I'm sure its decent.

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  15. Scraps/shake from some fire but looks wise it's pretty shitty looking. As far as pricing everyone has stuff they "buy" for way less. It's all relevant it's different all over.

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  16. It looks like some mediocre kush hybrid but the bad parts of mediocre kush. it's not cool to do that but people just do that sometimes when they are short on money. look like the best flowers of a nug were taken out and the stemmy parts were given to you, if you didn't break it apart.
  17. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    THAT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!:RoorRip:
  18. Don’t gotta tell me man. No clue why I keep growin? BUT if ya didn’t know Oregon’s got the best of everything! Ya like the outdoors we got all varieties; beaches, mountains, desert, lakes, forest, hiking, snow boarding, skiing, mountain biking, sailing, deep sea fishing, boating, Atvs U name it.
    Beer, weed, wine, and food don’t even get me started food kart cities in Portland, Salem, and Eugene. Portland has one of the best culinary schools in the country. There’s multiple breweries in every city with their own twist on a IPA. Take a drive in the country all you’ll see is fruit and vegetable fields along with hops and vineyards with your occasional weed farm.
    Head north big cities, east is all desert and mountains, south pure country nuthin but farm land and liqueur stores, west is all beaches and 2nd hand stores.
    I’ve lived all over the country but I always make my way back to Oregon.
  19. That is "White Wedon'tKnow" Best burned in a 12 glass Beaker Bong, just saying.

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