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Is this weird?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PineappleVape, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Is it weird that whenever I get high, I don't hallucinate or laugh hysterically?

    -I realize that even though cannabis is classified as a hallucinogen that most people don't hallucinate.

    -Why is it that whenever you watch TV, or see a movie, or a video on the internet, that first time smokers laugh hysterically at absolutely nothing. I mean, don't get me wrong, if something funny happens I tend to laugh a bit more when I'm high opposed to not.

    -My highs are typically very relaxing and make my body feel really good and my mind spaces out a bit.

    Basically, my question is...

    What are your high's like?
  2. Question: do you toke good amounts of the herb with FRIENDS? Second, you're getting a head high, seeing as you vape. And seeing as you vape, you probably don't.

    Get lifted nicely, watch step brothers, and tell me you didn't laugh hysterically at the dumbest jokes.
  3. in tv and movies weed is exaggerated. Watching a guy smoke a J and acting almost completely the same after just isn't exciting or funny. But, people freaking out saying they see shit and then a few seconds later dying of laughter is much more entertaining to watch

  4. Well, I tend to vape with my fiancée. None of my close friends are really into marijuana. I get a sweet body high just about every time I get high, my mind becomes relaxed. Like I said, don't get me wrong, when something funny happens I laugh a lot but often times I have to get high by myself and I can barely focus on a movie lol.

  5. I agree 100% being that I am a filmmaker myself. However, you often see videos on YouTube where people (mainly teenage girls to be honest without trying to be misogynistic) act completely retarded. I mean, it's a relaxing feeling and certain things are intensified, i.e. touch, food, humor, colors, etc. But not to the point where I'm riding unicorns over a rainbow.
  6. Sometimes i cant controll my laughter almost like it trying to jump out of my mouth.. then thinking about laughing just makes me laugh more..

    Watch pinaple express high, you will laugh 100 times out loud
  7. It depends on how much I toke, I laughed for ten minutes straight after smoking about 5 bowls of some dank purple, when I'm really blazed I feel as if I can move my bones but not my skin, but thats after smoking hellas.
  8. Well I feel 'balanced' and relaxed, can focus on things for hours (programming, games, movies).:cool:

    I do get visual color effects if it is a strong sativa strain, but I tend to go for indica dominate strains for the mmj effects I need. Nothing that I would call spectacular but the color shifting when playing video games can be a hoot...:smoking:
  9. Dude. Just get blazed. And DON'T think. Don't let your intellect speak. Just be immensly relaxed and STONED. Watch a funny movie. You only laugh a lot in the right situation. You're just not in the right situation for laughing a lot.
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    I don't know if this is just me, but I have different stages of high; ie. floating, standing on the edge of a building, free fall, wowowowowowo. That might be a little hard to understand, but I understand it completely. After 3 bowls of skunk I'll have audio hallucinations. 5 big hits and I'm floating. 2 hits puts me in a good mood. My highs have always tended to last longer than all my friends. like a wake and bake can keep me buzzing 6 hours. Edit: like Toke said, don't think. :smoking:

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