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Is this weird?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Literally, on my free days, all I do is smoke weed.

    Like if I'm not at the gym or at work I occasionally see my nan and grandad but other than that I ENJOY sitting on my own at home blasting my fav music having some drink some munches :p and chilling watching somthing funny or playing PS3 anyone else like this? :smoke:
  2. Don't see any reason for this to be weird.
    It's just chillin out w/ weed.
    Totally the norm.
  3. Doesn't everyone on GC do this..:smoke:
  4. If this is weird call me gonzo.
  5. No, that's paradise.
  6. completely normal
  7. if your not in college thats pretty much an adult life its feels pretty weird
  8. all day chill sessions are with the homies are gone. i love my friend i just don't wanna be around them all the time
  9. I do this all the time when I know that I have a couple of hours to myself and feel like kicking back, watching some movies and smoking a bowl.
  10. That is really weird alot of people don't do that usually I just think of my neigbors dog in a sexual way.
  11. lol, every now and then
  12. Yes, that is extremely weird and foreign to all members/guests browsing this site.

  13. u disgusting fuck..
  14. If you have nothing else to do then it's perfectly okay lol
  15. yea bro. its better than being the wow or cod zombies that the government wants you to turn into.
  16. Not weird at all. Quite normal to say the least. ;)

  17. :hello: this is my favorite pass time.
  18. who give a fuck! do what you want to do.

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