is this weed moldy???

Discussion in 'General' started by puremadman, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. its probably like 7 months old. (i bought it 7 months)

    btw its bomb ass hydro

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  2. too hard to tell but if you kept it in a air tight jar it's fine but if it was just sitting out in the bag i'd toss it.
  3. Those pictures are pretty blurry, i cant see it if it is but dont trust me
  4. yea it was sealed (i think it was sealed) in the bag under my keyboard
  5. Doesn't matter honestly. I'd smoke it. I've smoked 2-3 month old weed and it got me high as fuck lol. Was only mids too!
  6. i once found a year old half blunt under my car seat and sparked that bitch up
  7. o lol i just heard mold if u smoke it can kill you, and id rather not die
  8. When you break it up is there like a powder like substance that puffs off of it?

    Any moldy bud I've ever gotten had dried out and when you broke it up puffs of powder would emanate from it.
  9. Then mold it is.

    I wouldn't smoke it.
  10. It will smell mildewie. Is that a word?(mildewie)
  11. i didnt see it, idk yet i got a bud buster should i use it or cut the dope in half
  12. Use some small nail scissors, perfect for cutting weed carefully, and it doesnt fly everywhere. From the pictures you posted (which are not good, btw) it looks like mold.
    i wouldnt smoke it. You can maybe make an extract using alcohol though. Im not sure, but i think alc will kill the mold[dont quote me]. DO NOT SMOKE IT
  13. Neither, you should throw it away and buy some fresh weed.
  14. How can you not know if there is mold on it?

    Look at pictures of moldy weed on google or something. you will know.
  15. i cant tell u fuckhead thats why i am asking here u stupid bitch god ima smash u faggot

  16. That's a great way to make your first impression on the City. :rolleyes:
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