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is this true?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AS in Pain, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. OK so I heard something interesting a couple months ago and am wondering about the truth behind it. "you'd have to smoke more then a joint a day for more then 20 years to have a 20% chance of getting lung cancer." So basically your chance of doing lots of damage to your lungs is very very small.

    The more I hear about pot maybe slowing some tumors and even shrinking some is promising. Hearing that the lung damage isn't what they think it is. Hearing how much it helps so many cancer, AIDS, pain, etc patients makes me really wonder, aside from big pharma, why isn't this legal yet? What are these politicians so afraid of? It makes me so mad!
  2. There is no marijuana/lung cancer link. In fact, THC and other cannabinoids INHIBIT THE GROWTH OF TUMORS.

    Aside from big pharma, things are the way the are because of misinformation.
  3. To touch on this subject, its not the cannabis but the act of smoking (be it tobbacco, pot, other drugs etc) that is considered dangerous and some people/groups and anti cannabis folks twist this to equate that smoking pot will harm you.

  4. In a word- NO!

    Smoking Cannabis Does Not Cause Cancer Of Lung or Upper Airways

    No association between lung cancer and cannabis smoking in large study

    Marijuana Smoking Found Non-Carcinogenic
    Medical News: ATS: Marijuana Smoking Found Non-Carcinogenic - in Hematology/Oncology, Lung Cancer from MedPage Today

    Marijuana Ingredients Slow Invasion by Cervical and Lung Cancer Cells
    Pot Slows Cancer in Test Tube

    Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors
    Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors

    Anti-Tumor Effects
    Anti-Tumor Effects

    There's more in the list, but that's enough to keep you busy!

    Granny :wave:
  5. Yeah, exactly. It's not the chemicals in the smoke, it's the fact that smoke itself regardless of what it contains is bad for your lungs. I try to vaporize half the time to keep my lungs relatively healthy, though I know my friend who smokes 10x more than I do has just as healthy lungs if not more (tested ourselves with a lung capacity meter).
  6. That's a stupid made up statistic.

    You most likely won't get lung cancer if you smoke weed, no matter how much, so long as you don't smoke tobacco.

    You can develop other lung problems, but probably not cancer.
  7. True True. Buy a vaporizer if you can in any way afford it. It will not disappoint you ever. And there is basically nothing that could even arguably cause cancer if you use a vaporizer.
  8. Yeah, I've been wondering this myself. Thanks for the discussion. I love my joints/blunts, but try to switch it up to not tax my lungs too much. I've recently made brownies so I eat sometimes instead of smoking, but this has to be a weekend thing since eating means the effects last longer (like 4-5 hours, though I can still feel mellow around the edges 7-8 hours later). Vaporizing is good for you, but I feel like the effect is not the same, no matter the quality of the weed. I had a Volcano but the taste or something...just wasn't the same. I figure if you're looking for an in-between, I've gotten really into gravity bongs because you use so much less weed, and usually one hit and I'm as good as if I smoked half a joint, if not higher, at least for the first hour. It's not as good for you as vaporizing, but you're taking in much less than a joint or blunt while still tasting it.
  9. The high from a vaporizer is definitely different... a lot cleaner... and for me it's a lot more of a body high that I get... which I really enjoy.

    That being said... I often don't have the time or the place to take it out and set it up all the time.
  10. smoke is bad for our health.
    so I hate it.
  11. the only reason hemp is not legal is bcuz it is so resourcful in fact it used 2 b eligal 2 not grow it also it is much easier 2 make paper out of and the paper never yellows. goerge washington used to grow it . the first 2 copys of the constitution were riten on hemp almost every president since the 1800s admited 2 smoking this amzing plant hemp also has more protien then most meats and can make fabric thats stronger then cotton it also dus not kill brain cells . in the 1950s they had a test ware they put masks on monkys 4 6 mins with out any brakes 4 100 days. just going 4 mins without air can kill brain cells. every other test after that proved nothing in fact there starting 2 notice it activates brain cells. hemp is also conciderd a scheduale 1 drug wich means it has no medical value( we all no thats not true since it cured cancer) and is highly addictive opium which is a schedual 3 drug which means the least deadly means sum medical value and non addictive. the reoson the gov. made hemp schedual 1 drug is so that noboy dcides 2 make it legal. 1 aker of hemp can produce 4.1s worth of trees paper. hemp also matures fast enough 2 make paper and cloth and other stuff in a couple months an average tree takes years. hemp is so useful that it would b so dificult 4 the govermant 2 make mony bcuz the the militous lies the goverment is feeding children in our middle school that students bleve there teachers more then the truth. henry fords 1st car was made out of hemp. hemp is such a grate medican it cures cancer aid multiple scliroses chronic pains depression anxiety insomnia extreme nausia and add/adhd. think about it if our goverment made so much mony off taxing that medican and making all that paper food clothes oil. are they realy gona want to lose it all buy litaraly letting people grow it in theyre backyards for free. honostly i wish pot could be made legal but i think the closest we will ever get is to be medicly legal in sum states and never medicly legal under federal law so now that im dun with that im gonna smoke a big fat bowl of my purple erkle.:hippie:
  12. This makes me so mad! I just read that Temple is doing research on faux cannabinoids and their use with MS patients.

    The fed is funding this with $1.5 million to NOT research medical marijuana! They're doing this so they can come up with a better pill to give people so they can make billions and not lose money by letting people just smoke pot!

    This damn country is really pissing me off. Every day I read something new that makes me more and more angry!!! :mad:
  13. The only way that cancer and marijuana are linked is the fact that you are SMOKING it. If you're vaping it, or eating it... there is no link between reefer and cancer.

    It has been proven to stunt the growth of some cancers, but for some reason it's still not legal.........

    Whereas, alcohol can completely ruin your liver, cigarettes/chew kill like everything and prescriptions can cause multiple organ damage.

    If I were a little smarter I'd think something was up here. Maybe these things are only continued to be legal because doctors need their moneys.:D
  14. The reason it's not legal is because it causes people to think. They made it legal in the 60s briefly and it created an entire anti-war/activist movement. We can't have that, now can we?

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