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  1. Talking about this ----Vv

    [quote name='"DeluxeHerb"']I know what you mean, can something that a family member do something else to completely mind alter a part of a persons mind.

    Example: a child is just living a child"s life until something that happens to them completely alters the way they think about things, lets say for instance if that child got molested by their uncle, instead of living a normal child's life, the child gets molested and it mind alters the child, the child instead of thinking like a normal child the poision(being molested) being passed from the uncle, played a big role in the childs life.[/QUOTE]
  2. Is there a simple term for this?
  3. Bro

    Did you just mindpoison me
  4. ...Life? lol.
  5. [quote name='"sky dog"']Bro

    Did you just mindpoison me[/quote]

    No but they have
  6. What the what
  7. [quote name='"sky dog"']What the what[/quote]

    Yea man they have
  8. Yeah, trauma fucks up a kid

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