Is this true?

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  1. Well before I get bashed, Im a blunt person I've always smoked blunts so I don't know much about joints. Whenever moneys low I have my back up pack of bamboo. I didn't feel like getting dresssd to up to go to the store so I throw on a jacket and pajamas and tell my friend to meet me in my staircase with the bud (he lives right above me) I pull out a sheet and start to roll it up my friend says ''take off the glue strip its cancer paper'' so I soged it up and tore it off is it really cancer paper? The paper stuck together just fine without the glue strip
  2. I think he's just being guys are smoking paper either way.
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    Here's a pic of the papers I used

  4. Its probably not glue its probably a sugar mixture like the "glue" used to hold wrapers on icecream cones
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    Usually it's harmful natural gum.

    edit: haha damn I'm high, I mean harmLESS :p
  6. Buy RAW papers they are organic and made of only hemp
  7. Yea I am my deli across the street sells them I might just go pick up a pack

  8. RAW are good. Try Elements too.

  9. Damnit!I had dollar signs in my eyes thinkin bout harmful gum law suit.jk i aint suing people like a bitch.
  10. i believe blunt wraps does not contain any nicotine
  11. Use elements or raws, i prefer elements. Rice paper > hemp paper

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