Is This Transplant Shock?

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    Hey guys, today I did the transplant of 4 of my babies.  :hello:
    They were on window sun, today I made the transplant and put them outdoors.
    Seedling Soil: Light mix by biobizz
    When I made the transplant, I transplanted them to All mix by biobizz.
    On their website, they say Light mix is just for seedlings so I passed to All mix.
    They were fine, I as getting to the spot and when I reached to the spot The leafs were curling alot.
    The trip took 2 hours I would say, not much time.
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    Is this transplanting stunt?
    I think I damaged the root system a little bit because 3 of the plants were on the same pot and were close...  
    The other one is fine so far...

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  3. Looks battered but good, should recover well, maybe put some netting around to keep animal away, and spray with Neem Oil 1x time per month to stop bugs
  4. Putting neem tomorrow!
    For netting I still have to see how much meters I need, there are 7 plants...

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