Is this too much?

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  1. I'd prob use one of those ash catchers- or the other. Both seems like it would add alot of drag to clear.

    But cool- like the way it hits?
  2. Might be a little too much.

  3. I like the way it hits. I use one of the ash catcher as an ash catcher and the other as a water catcher, if I get too much water into the glycerin condenser coil it will freeze and block it up.
  4. You tell me. How's the drag on it? Does it feel to hard to clear?
  5. Waaaaayyy tooo much, how can you enjoy smoking out of that? that has to be alot of drag and plus your butthole being so tight while you take the hit and pass it! haha get a piece with all the stuff the attachments have haha but to each there own!
  6. Holy hell, that's doing allot.
  7. If you have to hold it from falling over then it's too much
  8. yeah lil to much. post a milk vid
  9. [quote name='"silentbob182"']yeah lil to much. post a milk vid[/quote]

    milk? A video of me hitting it?
  10. Yes milking is when you make the smoke come up into the bong
  11. yes a video of u hitting it like a hard ass. u have to let it fill with smokee
  12. yea. IMO if the bong isnt good enough without anything its not a good enough bong. 3 a/c like that probably just adds drag and takes longer to milk. id rather use none...

    but thats me.
  13. it looks cool and all....but i don't like to be gasping for air after i clear a rip.. and i feel like that bong would wreck me, and not in a good way.
  14. For the fun of it yeah I'd hit it, but on a regular basis nah' no thanks.
  15. As you can see from the milk video I posted I ended up going with just the skull ashcatcher and the glycerin coil condenser, I just have to be really careful not to overfill the ashcatcher because if water gets into the condenser it will freeze and clog the piece.
  16. It probably chugs like a monster, some people like that.
    But in my oppinion its waaaay to much, it makes the whole bong just more messy and you have to be more carefull not breaking it. And i bet theres quite some heavyness on the ash catchers so youre fucked if it leans to the other side and falls. Just keep one of them.
  17. Not enough

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