is this too much light?

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  1. iam gonna use:
    8-42 Watt CFL - 150 W Equal - Warm White 2700K bulbs($68.73 for 8 total)

    thats 1200w all together

    for 3 plants

    i have complete details in my 'peep tha plants/setup' thread but its soooo long

    this is ultimately my main concern...

    will it be overpowering for my plants, and can i use all that light on powerstrip?

    also there is gonna be 3 extension cords from the fixture leading to the powerstrip, does that powercord have to have a higher watt capacity?
  2. upppppppppppppppppppp
  3. well, first thing is first. 8 x 42 = 1200? Im not sure what part of the world youre from, but where Im at, 8 x 42 = 336.

    As in, if your bulb only uses 42 actual watts (which it does), then this is the amount you calculate.

    having said that, it is enough light to grow a plant or two. Dont expect to be pullin pounds or anything though
  4. lol srry i was soo blowedddddd and correct

    what about using 8 85ws?

    that roughly be double...
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    the 85w's are too expensive however there is 55w ones which are in my price range.

    its 440w all together.

    55 Watt CFL - 250 W Equal - Warm White 2700K - Spring Lamp

    i just dont know if i can use a Y splitter in a cfl fixture with 2-3 bulbs in each..

    [ame=""] Leviton L21-00128-00I Twin Socket Adapter, Ivory: Home Improvement[/ame]

    it says 660w for product details so im assuming im alright going with 42-85w bulbs

    and does anyone know how many watts one porcelain bare bulb fixture can take?

    i will have 3 bulbs on two of the fixtures and 2 on the last

    so thats 84-110w per fixture.

    ok im looking at this fixture..

    Sold as each. 660W, 250V. 4-1/2" OD. Top wired. Fits 3-1/4" or 4" box.

    so the 660w is the max amount of light combined from bulbs that it can take?

    google is so amazing
  6. its $58.80 for 8 42w bulbs(336w total)

    & $106.16 for 8 55w bulbs(440w total)

    what should i do?

    i have the money but is it worth it?
  7. If your dead set on fluorescent lights and have $100 to spend, go with the high output T5 light fixture. See example

    For about the same price, if heat isn't much of an issue I'd highly recommend a H.I.D. These will put out much, much, much more light. See example

    Let me show you:

    $106 = 8x55w = 440 watts = ~25,000 lumens

    $120 = 4x54w T5 = 216 watts = ~20,000 lumens (half the wattage)

    $120 = 400 watts HPS = ~50,000 lumens

    After you spend the $106 on the bulbs and the other $30+ on the cords and fixtures to screw them into you might as well go with the T5 or HID. The bulbs are cheaper to replace too. Look up rumple's grow and you'll see what a 400w HPS can do, almost a pound.
  8. Rule Number 1 of Cannabis growing: One can NEVER have too much light.

  9. Not entirely true. There is a point were no more light will be used by the plant and even a point where the amount of light can bleach a plant and cause tissue damage. I'm talking about a ridicules amount of light here, I just though I'd toss that our here. But yes, for the most part your can't have too much light.
  10. i dont want a 120 cheap non digital light. and if i was to get one the cheapest one from htg supply is 250 w and it doesnt come with an aircooled reflector and then id have to get a inline fan and ducting which all comes out to like 400-450$

    and i can get close coverage all over my plants compared to a HID that will only make the tops of the plants grow.

    and after i harvest my first grow ill have enufff for my HID setup anywayyy:D

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