Is this to soggy???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by growinpot, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I went hole digging today and the spot i found was like 20-45 feet away from a lake..

    When i dug it was veryyy wet and very easy to dig into i felt with my hands and was super wet would that be a good spot to grow?? would i not have to water it allot?
  2. well idk personally but depending on the lake the levels can fluxuate quite a bit.... wouldnt want ur ladys underwater....
  3. keep the holes idle for a day or two or after it rains.. see how high the level of water is in the hole. If its atleast over a 1/2 inch its not good..

    enjoy! :smoking:
  4. I found a similar spot last season, along side a creek. When you dug a hole, it filled up with water in about 2 minutes. I decided to take advantage of that due to the scarcity of water around these parts in the heat of summer. I dug about a 3' diameter hole, put a 20 gallon plastic pot inside and filled it with my sol mixture. Once everything was done, that kept the plant watered for almost 2 months. The water gradually seeped into the pot through the drain holes, but due to gravity, never left it too wet. I wouldn't plant directly in the ground in these conditions, however.

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