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  1. ok i have 2 plants that are about 6 weeks old and about 10 seedlings.My gow room is a closet about 2'x4' and about 5 1/2 feet tall. i am using two 40 watt cool white flourescents my soil is miracle grow african violet soil my two oldest plants are in 1 gallon plastic white buckets they are about a foot and a half and have been pruned twice after they were a month old.i have started the biggest one in the 12/12 flowering cycle (midnight to noon) about 4 days ago. I cant see anything yet. When will i see signs that tell me what sex it is? and how does the hydrogen peroxide thing work for the soil how much and how do i use it. i hear strawberry bloom builder is good for flowering well i think thats about it i dont wanna write a book or nothin
  2. It may be going slower because of the amount of watts your dealing with. If your going to stay with your current light setup, Id perhaps look in to switching the bulbs to something with a 'redder' tone (maybe Warm) for flowering. It might improve things, it might not. =)
  3. I've never heard of using hydrogen peroxide...i'd check up on that if i was you!! do need more hps would be very benefficial....during flowering the plants prefer a red spectrum..i.e. hps.....Peace out...Sid
  4. Hydrogen peroxide is just water with an extra molecule of oxygen. Reccomended dose is 30ml. added to a gallon of water. I've done it plenty with no adverse affects, the plants love it. More oxygen to the root zone.
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  5. so it's just like soda water...if so i've heard of that....Peace out....Sid
  6. Actually soda water or seltzer water is something you would spray on the leaves, has enriched CO2 that the leaves will absorb. Hydrogen peroxide gets watered in to the root zone.
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  7. need to remember that one!...where can you buy this hydrogen peroxide?....Peace out...Sid
  8. Sid, you want food grade hydrogen peroxide, 3%. Should be able to get it at drug store. If you can't find 3% use 1 1/2% accordingly. Tryu it you'll like it. There is also a product called Oxygen Plus, look around, I'm sure you'll find it.
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  9. Hi Sid

    You can buy hydrogen proxide at any pharmacy. or if you have a wal mart/Kmart/walgreens. stores that sell toothpaste usually sell hydrogen proxide. Other uses of hydrogen proxide are teeth whitening, and cleaning cuts before you bandage them. hope this helps
  10. is it the same as the stuff peope use to clean there false teeth with?...comes in a tablet form in a tube?....i think i'll be able to locate it somewhere....unfortunately i don't have any of the stores you mentioned as i'm from Scotland....but i'll find it somewhere.....Peace out...Sid
  11. nope...i've never been cut and used that stuff...sorry....i will however locate for my next grow and see if it makes a difference....Peace out....Sid
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