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  1. Alright, I need some input here. This is where i wish to grow indoors. Right now theres some makeshift lighting but tomorrow I'm going to Home Depot and picking up 4 60W CFL's and 2 "Y" adapters. My main concerns are: A.) Will this be enough space for vegetative/flowering?
    B.) Will the light I plan to buy be enough?
    Any POSITIVE input is greatly appreciated.

    Outside of the cabinet attached to my desk

    Here's the inside. (excuse the curled up plant, it's still in shock from transplanting)
  2. Im guessing thats only 2ft high? And how many plants do you want to grow in there? You want like 3 to 4 cfls per plant. There are ways you can keep a plant from growing really big, you could try lsting or topping.

    You need to cover up those clear and white cups asap dude. Light will penetrate through those cups and kill your roots, which is not good at all lol. Some duct tape will work, or you can paint the outsides of em, just make light proof. I wouldn't be surprised if thats whats wrong with the one thats really droopy. Non of my plants ever look that bad after I transplant them. And if you can don't use foil, it will create hot spots and reflect light all over the place once it gets crinkled.

    Other then that lookin good dude. Keep us posted on how things work out. Peace. :smoking:
  3. The cabinet is 28 inches exact. So if I want 3 plants in there you're saying about 9-12 cfls? And about the cups, I'll wrap them in duct tape til tomorrow when I can get some plain black pots to put them in. Thanks for your help! :smoking:
  4. Yea about 8 or 9 for 3 should be pretty good, I got 10 myself for 5 plants plus a fluro. And since cfls produce so little heat you can place them like an inch from your plants.

    Since you have so little space I would start flowering once they get about 8 to 10 inches tall. A flowering plant can usually double its size during flowering, so try to keep that in mind.

    No problem darkesthour, if you have any more questions or anything feel free to toss me a shout. :bongin:

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