Is this some fucked up shit or what?

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, May 28, 2009.

  1. So my Cousin makes 80 thousand dollars a year at Wells Fargo and her husband makes 120,000 working on the slopes in alaska.

    Ive been wanting this car for about a week now, And neither of them will loan me the 2000 dollars i need to make 5000 so i can buy this car....I even told them i was gonna pay them in three months...I mean how fucked up is that?

    Oh and there have no bills, They own 7 cars and a house and duplex and 2 snowmobiles. So dont say maybe they dont have the money.
  2. They made thier own money, you gotta do the same.
  3. Dude...Family should help Other family out, Specially when your paying them back so quick...I mean they are doing Super well and they cant be cool and loan her own cousin 2g's to get a car...
  4. Why not wait 3 months to get the car since you will have the money then?
  5. Cause its a specific car on craigslist that will be sold by then :(
  6. Holy shit, they own 7 cars? That's a testament to their strangeness. I guess something's wrong with them because I'd loan my cousin 2000 dollars any day if I was doing that well.

    Either they have serious money problems you don't know about, you have serious credibility problems you don't know about, or they have serious asshole problems you just found out about.
  7. Maybe she got laid off and hasnt told anyone. She works at wells fargo afterall.
  8. No because they are buying a BMW in two weeks!!!
  9. Im sure they didn't get that rich giving out loans. Oh wait....
  10. I don't know man, I can't fault them for not wanting to loan you money... I'm sure it's nothing personal.

    Why can't you just buy a car with the $3,000 you have now ? Have you ever heard the saying "If you can't afford it, you don't need it" ?

    Keep saving. Who knows, something better might come along your way.
  11. theyre greedy fucking people
    youll feel so much better though once you get it on yuor own and you can be like "ha, in yo faaace, i got this car ON MY OWN, without your money"
  12. Yea dude its a 1990 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo :) god i love it!!! its 4500 bucks and i already have 2500 bucks.
  13. Nay, Hes got a shitload dumped into it.
  14. Then I wouldnt buy it
  15. The stock twin turbo version is VERY rare
  16. Theres bound to be problems with that car if hes sellin it for 4500. Maybe the tune aint right, seals fucked up, runnin rich/lean, any number of things. Sure it could be fixed, but you got no dough.
  17. I looked up the car and think i found it. Black on black? 227k miles( a shitload)? It says its in good condition and everything, but you could buy it and maybe the head gasket blows on you while you are drivin down the highway at 80, then you just lost 4500 bucks. Or it could go another 100k, who knows.
  18. Hey you did! good job! :)

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