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Is this sensation normal when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crower92, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I would definitly consider myself a novice when it comes to smoking (ironically i have more experience selling). I probably get high around once every other week so not very often. Sometimes though I get an uncomfortable hot sensation in my knees and it kind of feels like its burning. I was just wondering if this is normal? I usually smoke mids if thats relevant or a few hits of some good shit.
  2. idk has the a diff effect on everyone .. i mean if it happens repeatedly yeah i guess thats what it does to u but maybe ur jus baked lol

  3. this happens exclusively when you smoke?
  4. i hate smoking mids. i stopped smoking mids many months ago for a bunch of reasons, here are a few: bad taste, terrible stench, not visually pleasing at all, bad highs, short highs, sketchy hook ups most of the time for me, best friend moves weight of dank, and finally the bit of information you're looking for, mids makes my legs feel weird. its like the middy shake. happens to me and a lot of my buddies, our legs just like sting kinda. like it tingles but more intensely and is def bothersome. hope i helped although i highly doubt i did. :smoke:
  5. Yeah dude i think its jsut the mids cuz ^^^^^^ like the dude above me i also get the same symptoms
  6. I've never had a burning sensation before. Just a nice tingling everywhere.
  7. alright thanks guys yeah its probably the weed It doesnt happen when I smoke real good shit lol
  8. hey, im extremely new to smoking. I've only smoked twice, and both times i have had my intire body tingle, Im assuming that this is normal?... also, i have a question for anyone who can help me out. After i smoked (24hrs+) my mouth feels numb, its weird to decribe but its like i can't feel; food, or teeth for like 3 days later. Any suggestions whats causing this?
  9. I used to get body buzzes, but since I built up a tolerance I don't get much of anything.
  10. Really? That's crazy, never had that happened to me. Unless the bowl was snow capped.

    And for the OP, yeah mids/regs whatever you call them should give you a tingly feeling. It could be "burning" as you describe if you start concentrating on that area, mind over matter, try concentrating on a different area and see if it still happens.

    But I buy dank by the ounce and still smoke regs, it's nice to mix it up everyonce in awhile and get some different effects. I especially buy regs during the winter, better taste/high/quality in AZ.
  11. Yeah. I tend to notice that mind over matter, or mind over body, is a lot easier when you're high.

    Would strong indica strains be likely to produce this burning or tingling effect?
  12. This might sound weird but when I was a novice smoker I use to get bad anxiety attacks and tweak out a lil. It wasn't that bad just my legs would shake uncontrollably but it was weird.
  13. So is it just my imagination that my mouth feels numb? or is it possible that im still getting used to weed?
  14. Its all in your head. I used to get the feeling that my bones in my feet were moving around. But they weren't.
  15. Possibly, indica's give you more of a body high (like regs/mids do) while sativa's give you more of mind high.
  16. LOLOLOLOLOL I'm feeling that right now bra!!!!!!!! never felt it eb fore

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