Is this safe to take??

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    I got myself a bottle of Robitussin Adult- Cough-Long Acting-Non Drowsy. It's active ingredient is Dextromethorphan HBr USP 15mg. And how will it taste?[​IMG]
  2. It's an over the counter cough medicine?! Safe to take in normal dosages....
  3. Should be good to take as long as DXm is the only active, it will not be easy to down though you should have gotten the gel pills if you could have I think they are much easier to get down.
  4. Is it safe to take? Not really.
    Is the nausea going to be worth the DXM trip? Probably not.

    Have fun and be safe.
  5. is the taste really that bad
  6. Not good in my opinion... it's one of those things when I have to take it.. only take the two spoons recommended and it makes me cringe, but I have sensitive taste buds myself. Some people drink stuff like this and other cough meds because they contain a percentage of alchohol so when they don't have beer or something it gets them buzzed/drunk per say.
  7. Fuck i have to go back the store now.
  8. What are you looking for? I mean what effect?
  9. a DXM effect but i got the gels
  10. What does DXM do?

  11. Trip balls.

    Try Google.
  12. what will my experience be like I'm gonna take 20 robo gel caps each 15mg DXm?
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    for my first time i only took 300 mg. just to test out my body and it made me feel pretty drunk and high at the same time.

    when u do that a couple of times or u think your ready. what i did was buy robo maximum strength cold... or if u can get ur hands on cvs branded tussin maximum strength cold syrup. it isnt hard to down unless u make it out to be. its just drinking.

    your expierience would prolly be 2nd platue(great body buzz/high/drunk) maybe 3rd(some hallucinations/feel drunk/high depending on body weight.

    i good combo for an experiences dxm'er is tussin maximum strength cold + robo gell pils (either 10/ or 20) depending on how many times u have robo-tripped
  14. how long will it last too?
  15. i cant suggest dosages... but from my expierience 10... last an hour or 2... good for beginners. 20 lasted me a little longer. 15 is also a good start for beginners depnding on a persons size.

    u will be able to function properly so dotn worry to much about talking to people so much. u might slurr words up though.
  16. Its safe. I'm fairly sure that is the one that only has DXM as an active ingredient. If it is, it shouldn't taste too bad. However, it may not be safe if you use it in excess... For instance, once a week for 2 months would be bad. In other words, don't make syrups a habit. The safest way to dose DXM is to do an extraction (which you can find instructions throughout the internet). Its not the best tasting stuff in the world and Robotussin is fairly thick, so its kind of hard to swallow... Generic stuff tends to be thinner.

    As for how long it will last, I'd say around 4 hours (including coming up, the peak, and most of the come down). It may last longer or not... In my experience, 600 mg makes me trip, 300 mg makes me have a drunk/high feeling, and everything else is in between. I can't recommend a dose to you because of forum rules as well as its dependent on your weight. If you need info regarding DXM, try Dextroverse (Google, I don't want to post link).

    You will feel nauseous most likely. DXM does that. Just try to keep it down =]

    Have fun with your trip.

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