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Is this safe to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NuclearGuru, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Okay so I ran out of weed last night and went out to my car today to see if I could scrounge up some roaches and/or buds that may have been dropped or whatever. So I find a decent sized bud and two roaches. One joint roach and one blunt roach. I have no idea how long this stuff has been in my car. It could be anywhere from a few days to a month or more. The blunt roach is my main concern. The weed inside looks alright but the skin was almost a greenish color instead of brown. Idk whats up with that. Is it alright to smoke this or will I get sick or anything?
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    Yea it should all be good to smoke I'd advise taking the bud out of that green roach and looking at it first, but the rest is ok

    Edit: you probably from now on should'nt leave weed laying around in your car
  3. I wouldn't.

    But I know a guy who said when he ran out of weed, he salvaged every nug and crumb from his car, said he had about 2 fat bowls worth. Said it was the highest he's ever been.

    Probably because all the food crumbs he packed went straight to his head.
  4. you'll be fine.. what could happen to it from sitting in a car? nothing. the worst case scenario is its real old and you won't get that high

  5. Mold, or other contaminants such as bacteria or miscellaneous particles.
  6. You found a decent sized bud in your car? Thats not to smart..

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