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  1. I got some blue dream. First grow so not sure on all I am looking for. Do these look ok?

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    You want a nice mix of amber/brown & White cloudy trichomes. I'd say a good ratio would be 30% Amber 70% Milky White. From what I'm seeing there aren't any amber trichomes. Below is a good picture of what you want to be looking for.

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  3. Can we see the whole plant? And a pic of one nug
  4. Yes, that's a pic from last night. My lights are set to go on at 8. So when that happens, I shall gladly post
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  5. Don't post pics taken under HPS light. Take your pics under natural light even if you have to take the plant out of the room or bring a light in. The yellow of the HPS affects the coloring we see in the picture. You need at least 25% amber in the trichomes overall to pull. Anything over that just makes it better. And yea, a pic of the plant would be nice along with some shots of the trichomes. TWW
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  6. K I tried here I go

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  7. Let me know what else I can do for help
  8. They getting real fat weighing down the branches. 3 already broke

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