Is this ready to harvest?

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  1. Hey people
    Just a quick question, does this plant look ready to harvest?

    I have ordered a 20x jeweler loup about a week and bit ago but that is coming from over seas and will probably be another 2 weeks.

    The strain is lsd white fem auto which states on the seed site 8 weeks from seed, I germed this plant around the start of april and now its June 7th so just over 8 weeks.

    And before anyone starts this is my first grow and my first plant for harvest, the seed bank sent my order in reverse to what I bought (meaning 10 lsd autos, 5 thc snow. It was meant to be the opposite) so I didn't realise the autos were autos til they started budding as the bags were not labeled.
    In any case the seed company is going to be resending me new seeds but I still feel like I've wasted 2 months.




  2. I wouldnt say so, why are you putting all this effort into a plant so small? You couldve vegged it out a bit more and still been able to keep it stealth.
  3. I couldn't because it was an auto and the seed company sent my seeds in unlabled bags and my order in reverse so I didn't realise these were autos til they started budding I had 3 two other even smaller ones. I feel like I wasting power so I have already harvested as I have 5 auto seedlings that are gonna need the room.

    I still have one normal plant in veg that I won't flower til I finish the new plants. Its just a pain in the ass that I wasted two months. Aw well.

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