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is this purple kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ali20, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. my dealer said this is purple kush and i bought 40 when i wasnt even gonna buy.

    i dont think its purple, its not even dry nugs like purple kush nugs tend to break down easy.



  2. could be just purp or purple haze but it looks like purp to me
  3. my bad accidently double posted
  4. Shit looks purple to me. And THERE IS NO WAY for anybody on this forum to tell you thats purple kush. I could say it looks like the master purple and purple trainwreck thats going around here. Im pretty sure its all the same strain with a changed name.

    Ive been to 3 dif collectives with the same purp bud just a dif name. Looks dank anwyas who cares if it isnt purple kush
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  5. im breaking it down and its real sticky but the bud isnt dry like purple is.
  6. #6 CheebaCharles, Mar 27, 2012
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    There's a chance it could be, but there's no sure way to know. It could be multiple different strains, or even a hybrid. My best guess other than purp would be purple haze. Also remember that there are techniques for growers to turn bud purple. Just because it has purple in it, doesn't mean it's necessarily legit.
  7. It's purple something, lol. Looks like it would tast like a grape...:)

  8. does the name really matter? :confused: looks dank regardless so just smoke it :) :bongin:
  9. it aint dank just smoked it.
  10. "isnt dry like purple" That sounds pretty stupid man, lol any strain/type of bud is easier to break up when it's been dried more and i doubt it's the strain making it harder to break down... prolly just that it hasent been dried and cured as good as your usual bud.
  11. ive smoked purple kush many times and they weed was dry everytime.

  12. how???:confused: it looks soooo frosty!
  13. it isnt. :( just have a slight buzz.
  14. [quote name='"Ali20"']

    ive smoked purple kush many times and they weed was dry everytime.[/quote]

    All marijuana is the same in terms that its wet from the plant and can be barely dried (wet), to over dried (crumbly)
  15. how do i dry it than? i want the nugs to break down easy and when it turns into shake, what i have now in those pics does not turn into powder.
  16. Nope, sorry. You got eff'd
  17. How so? chico? unless sarcasm as its pretty obvious.
  18. I'm confused why you asked since you seem to have all the answers about it.

  19. Open your bag/jar a couple more times then usual even if it's just to smell them (i like to do this alot lol) and it should dry faster, slow smokers might have more of a problem with the bud getting to dry to quick for them although iv never had trouble with that :smoke:.
  20. Thanks, so how long should I keep the bud out in the air for?

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