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  1. I got an old pc I don't use anymore, windows xp. Could I somehow connect this to my internet, have the computer predict what websites other computers in my house will click on, and automatically load them on the harddrive of the old computer, and then when any other of my computers clicks on the website, it would load straight from the old computer, instead of from my isp?

  2. I have 4 ram shaped parts in this old computer, 2 are smaller than the other 2. How can I tell which ones are ram and what the other 2 are? 
  3. In regards to your original question, I think the closest thing to what you're looking for is a proxy server like Squid.  A proxy server is essentially a box that sits between your clients and internet.  Unless you have a business class router (or something to support transparent redirection), your internet browser will need to be configured to send all its traffic to the IP address of your proxy server.  The proxy server will then make the request on behalf of the client, and return the content.  A proxy server can also cache the responses from web servers so that if another clients needs the same content, it can just serve it from its cache.
    It works like this:
    PC1 ---- GET http:/// ---> proxy server ------> GET ---> 200 OK [web page contents] ----> proxy server -----> PC1
    PC2 ---- GET http:/// ---> proxy server ------> GET ---> 200 OK [web page contents] ----> proxy server -----> PC2
    PC1 ----> GET ---> proxy server
    proxy server ---> 200 OK [ contents from cache] ----> PC1
    Hope this helps.

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