Is this plant male or female.. help

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  1. I can't tell

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  2. Make or female??
  3. upload_2023-1-9_2-50-58.png

    = female.
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    I see pistils, so it's a girl! Here's a photo I stole off the net so you can see the difference.

    Girls make wispy white to pinkish hairs, pistils, usually in pairs making a V shape, "giving you the high sign".

    Boys make balls and the balls grow in groups. The balls open into small flowers with yellow stamens full of pollen.

    Now I want you to look closely at the Girl picture. Below the white hairs that show she's a girl, there is a GREEN spike (You can also see one in the Boy picture). That is a stipule, not a pistil. A lot of beginners confuse stipules for pistils. Just remember that the stipules are green, while pistils are whiteish!


    Girl ................................. Boy

    Granny :wave:
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  5. As always Granny spot on with the perfect information.

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  6. Is this male or female? Pls help

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  7. Same.......male.
  8. Idk I thought
    I thought she was a male also but now she's budding

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