Is this pic of male or female?

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  1. I am really starting to get frustrated with MJ. My first attempt at growing got me 6 all male plants. Totally useless. A friend told me if I they are too close together they will get stressed and turn male. So this time I only grew 3 plants and got the seeds from a professional seed bank instead of getting it out of a bag of indoor. They are White shark variety, and they have been vegging quite well. However I started flowering them about 2 weeks ago (maybe a little less). I think the three might be all male yet again. I am using a 120w and , 65w "Grow 'N Show" lights. I am planning on getting some HIDs soon but I am a tad strapped for cash right now. Right at the nodes there are very small balls. Is it possible that these are just branches developing still? Is there any factor witch can make MJ turn male? (wrong kind of light, to much ferts in soil, stale air, ect...) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I also have a lo-res pic attached of the top of my biggest plant. Int's not that good quality but it might help in determining sex.

    One more thing, is it true you can determine sex by the number of leavves?


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  2. I can't tell from your picture whether its male or female. Go to search the cannabis section for the pics of male vs. female and that should help. General rule of thumb if you see "balls" hanging down it's a boy. If you see two slender white hairs sticking up, it's a girl.

    Genetics determine whether its male or female in most seeds/plants. In some feminised seeds you can buy, some branches may go male, etc. But there are no factors that force the sex on the plants. 50% of all seeds will be male and 50% will be female. If you have been getting mostly male, your next crop may be mostly female. Its nothing more than chance or basic statistics on sex detemination. If you want to harvest 3 female plants always plant 6 seeds to prepare for the male cull.

    No you cannot detemine the sex by the number of leaves.
  3. That's what I thought. Only it just seems so odd. If I did the math corectly, the chances of getting 9 males and not one singngle female would be 1 to 500. Those are some prety crazy odds. Are you sure it's just dumb luck poppa puff? Maybe I should hang out with my plants more often or something.
  4. You got a 50/50 chance on each seed of being female. Sometimes it works out to your favor, sometimes it doesn't. That's the way life goes. But you need to learn with your own eyes which are females and which are males. Wouldn't want a friend to tell you that some plants are male when they are really female and you culled by mistake.
  5. Hey Alpha, you should have just replanted and I bet the next nine would have turned out to be all females.
    Once you get a female though, like a woman, treat her well and you won't need seeds again.
    Cuttings guarantee that you'll get even more females and you can keep mom alive for ages.
    Simple rule for mom is to give her her own room and climate.
  6. Focus another pic ,,back up a little maybe.....

    Males usually shoot for the sky quickly...
  7. I started out practicing with bag seeds and the first 6 I grew to flowering were male who knows what the previous plants were they did not live to the flowering stage but this last one I have is a SHWAG FEMALE!!! Shwag or not I bet she will be pretty nice and that takes every bit of frustration out of it for me. Now I move on to some good genetics!
  8. its, its ,a shity pic! lol
  9. Hey, i have the opposite problem, for the last two seasons, i have been growing outdoors, and each season i've planted around 15 plants and each and every one of them has turned out female, Excellent yield, very powerfull, but i am running out of seeds and i need a male so i can get more seeds,

    Is there a way in which i can light or make just one male ??:D
  10. if you have light leaks during the dark period it can hermie a plant, which may be the alphawaves problem and the solution for raul, alpha are you pulling the plants at the first sign of a ball or are you waiting them out to see if there is more than one sex on the plant? I ask because my females show usually 5-7 days after my males and once in a while i get what i call a "sleeper" which doesnt show sex for another week after the first females show and they are always a toss up.
  11. i know females are a much better smoke, but is it possible to smoke the male plants? or are they too weak to bother with?
  12. waste of time to grow a male unless you are doing it for seeds {pollen} and if you do keep him far far away from you girls and take a shower and clean under your nails every time you come in contact with the male before you go near your females
  13. Man, I understand what you mean alpha. Waiting for plants to sex is real nerve racking, I'm still waiting on one of my plants right now, I know I'll be real frustrated if it starts showing male.

    I cant really tell what yours looks like from the pictures, you should take another picture with better focus or something, I'm sure the real experienced guys can tell you exactly what it is, if you get a good picture.

    Well, good luck man. Hope it's not male.
  14. why start out with seeds clone the girls you got. get a jump start on the next crop.
  15. dude replied to a post that's over a year old in a thread that's almost seven years old!'d you even find it? lol

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