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Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chills, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. I'm on like my 4 or 5th day sober. And man, I've been tired ALL the time. Is this normal? I'm 27. I haven't taken a nap during the day since I was like in high school. Now I find myself taking naps during the day. sometimes multiple naps.

    I smoked a ton of weed the last 9 months or so. I pretty much smoked all day everyday. Is this the side effect of it all? I've heard of chronic fatigue before and know one person that says they feel like they have it. I don't know exactly how it would be to have it, but I almost feel like I have it.
  2. ive never had this experiance. what else has changed recently?
  3. nothing recently, I mean I've had a lot of depression the past few days because of something that happened, but I've dealt with depression before and have never felt like this. I feel like I could sleep the whole day.
  4. I passed out a the computer yesterday, watching a high times video lol I almost fell asleep on this site a few minutes ago. Don't know what's happened to me. It's gotta be all the weed I've smoked. It's almost like I still kind of feel the grogginess of weed, only now it feels much worse, without as much of the psychoactivity.
  5. I must say here that a lot of the couchlock inducing strains that have higher levels of CBD can cause a lot of these symptoms.When I smoke lots of laze inducing indicas I get nothing done and find I fall asleep or am tired more than usual.This is why the vast majority of these types of strains are recomended for insomnia etc.
  6. Do you get extremely intense dreams during these? I know when i stop smoking for a few days/ a week after going for a prolonged time smoking everyday my dreams get extremely vivid and very perplexing. Usually quite fun to experience though if i am honest.
  7. no not yet
  8. I'm currently going through the same phase. But in addition, I sleep at mininum 11 hours a day and am still groggy throughout the day.

    I need my medication damnit lol
  9. It sucks big time. I feel like I did back in high school like when I returned to school from summer vacation. The first few days or week you just feel really weird and sluggish all the time. My mind feels like it's going through sludge.
  10. lol my post got moved to apprentice tokers even thought ive been smoking over 12 years. Seems like every thread I start there gets moved over here. I might as well just ignore that side of the board as it seems real snobby. Legit posts about pot usage get moved from there while posts about smoking pizza guys out and the such stay.
  11. its not a side effect, ur just bored. u were smoking all day every day and interested in everything. now ur sober and may still be interested but not to the intensity it would be while smoking.
    Let it ware off, or just smoke again its nuthin crazy and nuthin to worry bout
  12. Yepp i hav the same shit. Havent smoked in five days, sleep all day these past few days, and all my dreams feel so REAL. The dreams are actualy really cool but i hate being tired all day.
  13. Don't take it the wrong way, it has nothing to do with how long you have been smoking. They just want these kinds of marijuana related questions in this forum.

    If you're depressed, that can be a big reason. I've found that when you get depressed, your symptoms can very a lot. If you're depressed, not smoking, if it's been hotter than usual there, it might be a different kind of depression than you're used to dealing with during a different time of the year, on a different diet, or while smoking. Like someone said above, boredom plays into it too.

    Also, oversleeping tends to leave you groggy and tired still. Your quality of sleep might also be pretty poor right now (i.e; not dreaming much/getting to the later stages of sleep)
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    Probably has more to do with your diet than your smoking habits. Tell me about your diet. Although, dropping a habit as heavy as yours is understandable since you're so used to being high all the time. It seems the MJ was making up for something else you may be lacking, which could be from essential vitamins and such. There are many factors to this.

  15. yes its normal lol i seen this show and they said that there are minor weed withdraws. nothing like any other drug but sleeplessness and irritability are the only effects.
  16. its your body cleaning its self out, hasnt done it for a while so its working really hard. which makes you tired :p
  17. I go through the same thing. The somewhat depression/laziness if I don't smoke for a few days. It really sucks. Shouldn't last more than a week and a half. But it's all in the mind. Just keep yourself active. Don't put yourself in the position to take a nap and it wont happen. Lol
  18. Whether it's normal or not, exercise can help your fatigue problem:D
    Exercise Fights Fatigue, Boosts Energy
  19. never happens to me maybe cuz i never am sober for more than an hour hahah!
  20. I also recommend the exercise idea. Might be incredibly difficult at first, but it will help. If it gets really bad, organise an appointment to see someone.

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