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is this normal???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 27, 2010.

  1. ok guys i just smoked some of the dankest shit it was called g-13 haze medical grade mary

    just curious tho is it normal to smoke at 11:35 pm and fully come down at 5:30 am? no matter how much bud i have ever smoked it never took that long to come down
    could it be laced?

    when people talked it sounded like you where in third person hovering above everyone else and listening to them

    idk man i tripped balls (no visual but sound wise)

    either way marijuana will never be the same agian i will never find dank like that here it was from colorado and i live in a place where we basikly only have shit weed and chronic

    this shit was dank (and i got it for free!!!!) just a few roaches but hey whatever well worth it also taught somone how to use a bucket bong that night =]:smoking:

    so back to my orginal question is it normal for it to take 6 hours to fully come down?
    the shit i get here you are high for about an hour and a half and you come down within 2 hours

    also went threw a bag of doritos half a box of waffles and honestly that is all i can rember lol i love the munchies:smoking:

    thanks i know i am probly gonna get flamed for this dumb question but i wanna trust this guy b4 i buy from him and i also wanna smoke with him some more
  2. Nah it mustve been better then what you usually smoke though.
    Laced? Man some people have to pay for that shit.
    It probably wasnt laced lol.
  3. dude hands down some of the dankest shit i have ever smoked best stuff i ever smoked b4 this was medical chronic this shit is a cannibas cup winner and strong as fuck this was medical g-13 haze lol mary jane will never be the same to me agian because i will never find anything that dank here agian:(
  4. well g-13 is fucking dank as fuck when grown right, and haze is known for clouding the fuck outta peoples minds, and medical grade, means nothing.... but yea you were just high man. To explain why medical grade means nothing, i got the same quality on the street here as the dispensaries have, no different, except its steady and legal hahahah
  5. if a club sells it it is a medical strain.

    If the grower sells on the street its not. Its only medical cause the grower when through the proper channels to sell his product.

    G11 haze is a great strain, strong as fuck.
    And who really laces thier shit? come on, use some logic :)

    Evil :smoke:
  6. thanks man lol yea it clouded my mind perty good was lookin at some bongs n just wanted to reach in the comp screen an pull one out lol

    but thanks for explainin that there is no dif between weed an medy weed i always wonderd what the dif was and now i know :smoke:
  7. Just was a much higher grade than you are normal too. People who only smoke mids or do not smoke often can get super baked off the good stuff. Congrats and Happy token :smoking:
  8. thanks man =] and yea i usta smoke mids all the time b4 my buddy went to jail now all i can afford is shwag but small bowls of it get me super baked to i am a lightweight altho i am a heavy smoker when i do buy bud i smoke till that shit is gone (24/7) hada quarter lasted me a month being a lightweight saves alota cash =]

    thanks for the grats and hapy tokin to u aswell i needa learn to stop being so paranoid about my shit being laced :smoking: but happens all the time when i smoke with someone new that is a little bit shady of a character but he is a nice person an i have full respect of him (that never happens in one night but it did this time) never been offerd free pot that was that dank
  9. man that sounded like some dope weed. I think the longest it ever took for me to come down was 4 hours, and i was smoking from an aqua lung.

    Im pretty sure it was just some high quallity weed.:smoking:
  10. hands down dopest dope i have ever smoked (whats an aqua lung?)
  11. The best stuff I've ever smoked took me around 4-5 hours to come down from. And the high was insane, I had a lot of auditory hallucination, shutter vision and the world seemed a slightly different color. Best weed ever.
  12. damn now that shit does sound good:smoking:
  13. the fist few days after smoked silver haze i regretted it, because the high of my mids felt like nothing afterwards. you'll get back on track after a few sesh's though
  14. hmm will have to try that mix when i get some cash and a good connection

    dumb question but what is shesh's? but yea i dont think mids will be the same for a while hell i scraped my pipe of the resin from the g-13 haze and it got my higher then the mids i smoke dont know how that is possible but it did:smoking: but yea i will have to get back on track with mids all i can get in this shithole lil town of 70k people
  15. thanks for the answer =]
  16. High from 12-5? Maybe he sprinkled some dried & cured 5 hour energy on it.

  17. lol now this this is a good idea lol 5 hour energy is way good
  18. Tell me what this "laced" means ?
  19. Yes, you are right.
  20. Inexperienced smokers / idiots tend to say that their weed is 'laced' - This means they believe their dealer wasted his time and money to add harder drugs onto their MJ.

    And a 'sesh' is whatever you want it to be. Theres no definition to it. Its not even a smoking term anyway.. it was taken from skate sessions which were called a 'sesh' for short.

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