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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. A couple of my plants leaf tips are starting to curl up underneath the leaf....anyone know what this is about?
  2. the cotyledons, or more upper part of plant?

    gimme some info, such as fertilizers, if any, lighting, height.

    n ill try my best to help ya out :)

    pics would be great too
  3. if it's at the top of the plant, check the temp, do the tips go yellw or brown?.............Peace out.........Sid
  4. I havent gave them much was low anyway like 5-10-5 or something..the light is a 250 watt hps..25 cm away from the plants during the day my temp stays between 80-85..thats as low as i can get it during the day..and over night my temp stays at 75...i have a fresh air vent blowing into the grow room..thats why my temp bounces so.Also the outer parts of some of the leafes have started to curl up a bit as well.

    i dont have my digital camera right now...hopefully this week though.
  5. you need to lower the sounds like heat you have a fan on them all the time.....?......if need be raise the light a bit............Peace out........Sid
  6. theres a fan on them 24/7 in the grow room and one outside the grow room...also my exhaust is on 24/7 same with the outside vent and still i cant lower the temp...i dont know what else to do.
  7. what was the strength of the fert or was it directy fed?
  8. Mine are kind of doing the same thing. Hopefully I can post a pic. They are in flowering right now. One week into flowering. I don't think its the temperature....I have decided to halt the ferts for now and give them just pure water for another two weeks or something and then use a little fert.
  9. the ferts i gave them was 5-10-5 or something..for the last couple of days its been nice and cool in the grow room temps staying in the 70's...and still some of the outer parts of the leafes are(its right by the nodes i think..where the new leafes pop out beside it)turning upwards and also look a bit dry.I raised the light this morning..its about 26 cm away from the tips of the plant.
  10. I have almost idenitcal setup as you and went into similar problem. I changed my schedule to 18/6 with the 6 begin the hottest hours of the day (2pm-8pm). That cured the problem. You can see my pics of this from the journal forum.
  11. Sid. My plant is doing the same thing,., it just started yesterday, the top of the plant the leaves are curling Up not under.. and there brownish yellow looking. not the whole leaf, just the very tip. very small, but still curling... i have not waterd it since the last time i told u about it. the soil is still moist. the pot is not as heavy, and the light is 3 to 4 inches away from the plant. it has constant air flo as well. temp is at 80. PS- sorry about that post Newbee, that was a friend of mine busting balls.

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  12. If you are using hps with it that close pull it away, or is its floro bring it closer.
  13. its a 250 watt far should i have it away from the plants?
  15. Secneek i have never seen a post from u that insulted someone in any manner or form and I was thinking that u were beyond urself when u said what u said. I guess u may be right ..I am an assole ....I spend too much time on this forum. If I offended u in one way or the other .....i'm sorry....Anyway, I think sometimes plants tend to get shocked if u prune them or in other words take out the leaves that are covering the branches that are underneath. This is because I cut some big leaves off and next thing I know is that the plants top leaves are turning brown on the edges and curling. It may not be the temperature cause the rest of the plants are doing fine. hmmmmm...its weird. ...I am going to wait and see how it all turns out.
  16. haha hey, im sorry about that SERIOUSLY.. I said i was sorry in another post because it was not me that said those Rude Crude and totaly IMPO-LIGHT comments. it was a friend of mine. i let him peep the sight and he ended up leaving a post, and he did it cause i have an Auto Sign-in with this sight. Im sorry again.. i know ur excited about ur plants and learning how to grow.. go on with ur Bizz, it does not bother me.

    PS.. are u a girl?? if so. are u hot? i hope u dont look like agent skully, because she is not to attractive... well at least when i watch X-Files she isnt.
  17. SECNEEK, if i were you i'd raise the light by approx 2".......but before you do, put your thermometer between the top of the plant and the light, and that will give you what the top leaves are for the soil.....dip your finger approx 1" into the soil......if it's still moist leave it another day or 2........if it's feels dry then give it a little water......but i have a feeling it will be fine for another few days..........keep us posted on how it goes.......Peace out.......Sid
  18. secnek...everything is cool ....if we were close enough I would take this moement to smoke a bowl with you. Anyway, I am confused as to what I am ....I don't think it matters anyway.
  19. well it should matter cause u have a picture of a bitch (female) under ur name.. so i was just curious as to if u were male or female.. if ur a male. then thats gay to have a woman represent who u are.. ME, i have OJ because he got away with murder and thats somthing Agent Mulder and Skully could not find out.. thats an X X X X File..... haha go figure,

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