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is this normal when you're high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by argue withatree, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. i'm not exactly new to smoking, but i'm definitely far from experienced. i've done it about 20 times now give or take. but i don't know if what i feel like when i get high is exactly..right. this is going to be really hard to explain, but i'll try my best.

    when i first started smoking about 2 months ago, i would just get giddy and laugh a lot, everything was normal. but i had just started smoking so i wasn't really sure if i was getting high per se. i was thinking it was just a little buzz. but whenever i smoke out of anything better then my pipe (a bong or bubbler or anything) i get effed up but like to the point where i think i'm too high. i can't really describe the feeling but i'll go over examples. so graduation night me and my friend take hits out of our pipe and i'm like maybe buzzed but deff. not feeling much, but for some reason my throat was KILLING me. then we go to my friend C's house and smoke a few bowls out of his bubbler and i take maybe three hits tops and the next thing i know i'm completely out of it. i started dry heaving and gagging and i couldnt breath. everythime i tried to breath in fresh air i would weaze and it went on like that for a while. then i coulnt see and i felt like i was blind. i get super paranoid and i have this feeling that everyone is sitting around just laughing at me, which for some reason scared me. so then i start having panic attacks and eventually passed out. i don't remember anything that was said or any specific details about the night, but my friend claims they had to carry me to the couch and i kept coming in an out of consciousness. so basically i figured that was just a bad bad experience and it wouldn't happen again (i had been drinking a lot earlier that night so i figured that was it) but ever since this incident whenever i get to the point where i'm deff high and not just buzzed, my high gets weird. there have been two incidents where i just flat out hallucinated. one of the times i experienced a car accident. like i thought my friend who was driving got into a wreck. and i just FELT it, like i was SO sure it happened but she just told me i was crazy and nothing had happened. i thought i was just really stoned but after doing some research, everything i read said that weed just shouldn't make you see shit like that. Other then that I always completley lose my memory. not WHILE i'm high though, but the next day i can't remember anything that happened. i'll know i smoked and i'll remember who i smoked with and everything before we got high, but i lose everything that happened while i was high. and then while i'm high i feel intensly numb and my teeth vibrate. and everything feels surreal. like that's the craziest part i don't know if what's happening is actually happening or i'm thinking it (incidents like the car accident) and then everything just feels like it isnt really happing i cant describe it. but im the only one of my friends who gets like this everyone else is just chill and giggly. and its only started happening since the panic attacks started..

    is this at all normal? what could be going wrong, like i just feel like i cant get high i either get barley buzzed or way too gone..
  2. welcome to getting high. you're either slightly bussed/not high enough...or high enough to be gone and out-of-body experience for 3 days lol
  3. Have you been smoking weed from different sources(possibly laced not too likely)? Are you on any perscription medication that might react with weed(very very unlikely)? Do you have any psychological instability or a history of that in your family? This may seem a bit of a pain but the best thing i think you could do would be to wait a few minutes between hits to make sure that you arent just getting too high. Remember you can always on smoke more weed but you can never unsmoke weed.
  4. Your wrong. If you have the right mindset and arent paranoid and just relax and chill out you wont have these problems. And dont drink
    Bubblers and bongs get you higher because you can take bigger hits so it gets you high faster and can be pretty intense for someone who is new
  5. Sounds like you just freak out and try to fight the high. Next time, right after your last hit just lie down for about 10 mins, let the high hit you and guage how high you are. If you start experiencing some weird shit just run with it. Enjoy it and let it take you wherever it wants to take you. I made the mistake of fighting the herb once and lost. You will always lose if you take it on, trust me.
  6. i have smoked weed before that made me need fresh air like my throat was closing up..

  7. it's been from different sources often but all people i know well and i've smoked with before, so i highly doubt it was laced. plus i've never smoked alone before and i'm always the only one that gets like this. i don't take any type of medication. i have noticed though that the panic attacks/really really bad experience was deff. triggered by alcohol. that doesnt explain the hallucinations though..
  8. Cool story bro
  9. IS that all you say?

    and op, if you havent tried smoking alone i suggest it. Put on some music and get comfortable, take a couple hits from the pipe and wait 20-30 minutes, see how your feeling, if you arent high then take a few more hits and wait another 20 30 minutes,repeat if needed,ect. Also make sure that after you take in the smoke, take in some fresh air, as if you gasping for a breath, and hold for just a few seconds, and make sure to exhale before coughing or it will be a lot worse.
    Do this in a safe and relaxed enviorment and see if it happens again.
    happy toking:wave:
  10. Seems as thought you "greened out". ive only smoked once, but when i did it my friend greened out, even though he was the only one who had done it before. he litterally went green, and was throwing up, we could not stop laughing at him. i think it happens when your body has too much THC
  11. When you green out, or have a whitey, just means you smoked too much, happened to me like a few months after i started, me and a friend split a dime and had some metal pipes. It was literally like a time lapse, one scene i am smoking and about to throw up(didnt though) and the next im sitting on a stoop like where the fuck am i, eventualy i somehow got home.
  12. yea ive had my shares of green out haha

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