Is this new growth normal?

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  1. So I went to check on my girl today, and she is getting new growth where the original plant growth started, I'll post pics of the set up right now and see if I need to move the light up or what not. She is very short, but has great growth on her. Wanted to get some opinions on the growth and whether or not I should move up the light. It has two 26w (100w equiv. Each) cfl at the moment and will be upgrading to four by this upcoming Monday. Has an air purifier blowing air on it constantly as well.
    I'm using happy frog soil

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  2. That's perf normal and actually pretty cool I've never had any start side growth that quickly. Your light is perfect in that case and your plant looks happy keep us updated. What strain is this?

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  3. I'm not exactly sure. Found it in some bud I purchased
  4. Looks like there is some ruderalis in that strain. The short, fat leaves look healthy. Ruderalis strains (correct me if I am wrong) are bred into other strains to give them quick auto flower times, and to keep height down?

    You might have a nice short auto flower growing..

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  5. Thanks for the new info! Seems pretty cool especially knowing I just found this seed
  6. Drill some holes in the lamp hood to let the heat escape, but not too many. Might help half a degree or so..

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  7. I've been dealing with the heat by using a air purifier but will definitely consider drilling some holes to let the heat escape, shouldn't lose too many lumens :p

    I just put her in a bigger pot which put some strain on her, but I'll be topping, lst, and also possibly giving her nutes soon, some leaves are starting to get a yellowish look
  8. I will be posting updated pics when I get home from work which will be later tonight

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