Is this Mould/Budrot ?

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    Just chopped off my first auto-mazar and inside it has a fine brown crystalweb. I dont know if its safe to smoke, anyone who can help?
    20170817_125110[1].jpg 20170817_125253[1].jpg 20170817_125752[1].jpg 20170817_124231[1].jpg 20170817_124017[1].jpg 20170817_124138[1].jpg 20170817_122057[1].jpg
  2. Need better pictures.

    Get a 30x scope
  3. Need better pictures.

    Get a 30x scope
  4. i added some more pics when i get my better cam back i can take more if needed
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  5. If i is gray and furry and bud itself kind crumbly...yes.
    I certainly would not smoke it nor should you.
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  6. Ya that looks like bud rot.

    Before I continue I'll let someone else take over because I've never experienced bud rot nor do I know how to properly deal with it. ( Aka smoke it or not)

    I don't think bud rot is good for smoking so what I think you should do is remove any of the spots and expose of them

    I think I remember people here asking if they can extract bud that was rotted, and I remember the answering being no.

    I want to believe bud rot and bud mold are two different things . Then again a bud is rotting for a bad reason.

    Bud mold is the worst. You get moldy bud after you harvest and hang your plants. High relative humidity(70%) will cause mold.

    You also get moldy bud when you put bud that has a higher RH than 65-70 in your jars. It can also occur in places such as Florida. Because the high changes in temp.
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  7. Please do not smoke that bud unless you would like to become very ill , stay safe !! And this stuff happens I know it's an upset but perseverance is
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  8. I heard making bubble hash with a coffe filter makes it safe to smoke, is that true?
  9. When it's that far advanced pretty much anything you make with it will be riddled with spores even if you could purify it enough to make it taste ok.
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  10. First, you can buy a whole set of bubble hash bags for <$30. Coffee filters are so 1970.
    Second, no, do not use that crap for hash. I know its sad. Been there. Let it go and make sure it never happens again.
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  11. Yea no just toss it bro , I know it sucks . Hey if it makes you feel better I just had a plant HERM and seeded my crop . Happens to the all of us bud !
  12. alright, sad story :/ i got like 5g's wet that dont have any fungus (lowest bud of the plant, wich didnt complete flowering stage) i guess its still better than nothing.
    Thanks for yalls help, will be getting a growbox next where the danger of fungus is lower than outdoors - till then, keep growing peace ;)

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