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Is this mold?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cold Play, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Hi i recently purchased 20g's from a friend, it smelled like weed but different as-well. I'm not sure if there is mold or not but i would love some help identifying.


    My camera is horrible sorry about the quality
  2. Break it Open, .. and Give me a better Pic .. ..

    Just saying .. .. can't give an Honest Opinion like So .. .. .. ;)
  3. Try taking your picture through a magnifying glass or some glasses(not all of them work depending on your prescription). This will help focus your camera on close up images, also check your camera settings for a macro version. We need GOOD pictures to best determine your budz.
  4. pics are too blurry
  5. That's not 20g's.

    And it's too blurry.
  6. Thats only abit of it and sorry bout qual :/
  7. Did you honestly look at those pictures, think about it and then hit the post button? I mean come on man can you see anything off of those pictures yourself?

    They are way too blurry to begin with if you want us to help identify mold or not.


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