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Is this mold

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by iyland, May 18, 2010.

  1. picked up some hash, two different kinds. I smoked them both when i got them but have left them sitting in a prescription pill bottle in a drawer since then. Is this mold?
    Here they both are:
    and here is the inside of the lighter colored hash (it was torn like this when I put it away last time, it all looked this color IIRC)

    [​IMG]so how can I tell if its mold? I can post more pictures if needed.
  2. break off the outter pieces. it still looks fresh in the middle
    but the outside is iffy
  3. i think that just might be mold and if it is im sorry for you, hash is awesome and it sucks when you lose it...:(

    if it changed colors and it wasnt coated in white previously, its most likey mold
  4. Damn, thats too bad. If I cut away the outside of the hash, the inside is still good to smoke?
  5. Yes, most definitally is, you can see the webbing structure of the mychorrizae.
  6. in the future what should I do to prevent mold from developing? I have several more containers of hash I'd like to take some extra precautions now..
  7. Damn man. Sorry its moldy looking.

    Inside looks good tho!

    I thank you for having a good camera. 4 post and the answer has been said.

    all the time i see problems with no pics and like 10pages lol:smoke:

  8. dont put it in anything that is airtight, like the pill bottles. that's how it gets mold, the hash is still a bit wet from when it was made or whatever, and when u put it in there it will make mold.... put it in like.. a tin, box, or something little to store your hasish.
  9. Damn he must have had that hash for over a year!
    I got some sour d bubble hash July 4, 2009 and still have a chunk and has not yet gone moldy.
    But to answer your question: just leave it in a air tight baggie or container, don't let it see oxygen for very long at a time.
    EDIT: "Tokin Alcoholic" makes a very good point! My hash has never been moist....

  10. Hash is obviously organic, so the process of decomposition is expected. The only thing i can think of is a refrigerator, or just smoke it before it gets moldy.
  11. thanks for the advice I'm still not sure whether airtight is better or not but I'll just try to smoke it faster.

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