Is This Mold?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LittleRichard, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. While this isn't technically a growing question, the experts in the thread are probably best equipped to to answer this.

    I recently made a purchase, about 4 weeks ago. I've stored properly in an airtight glass jar, with a 55% humidity pack and kept in a dark place. About a week ago, I started seeing some white flecks at the tips of a some of the buds. They seem to be increasing at a pretty quick rate. I think I'm totally screwed as this appears to be mold! There's no funky taste or smell, but this does not look good.

    Sorry about the photo quality, but I hope they are clear enough to make a determination. So what say you? I think I've got to ditch the remainder, and this is sad as as it's almost a full zip.

    Thanks in advance.

    JPG00001.JPG JPG00001.JPG JPG00002.JPG JPG00004.JPG JPG00007.JPG JPG00008.JPG
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  2. I mean, if you say it's growing...that's probably not a good sign...though are you quite sure it is?
    Pics under better light would help a bit.
    It looks maybe a little like powdery mildew...and seems to be growing towards the that right?
  3. The LED light in my microscope sucks. Tomorrow I'll try to use an incandescent light source. What's weird is that it does not appear to be originating from the stem. More like random flecks on a bud.
  4. Hm, I must be looking at it wrong.
    It doesn't need to be under a scope necessarily for pics - just maybe take one in the kitchen with the light on?
  5. Here's a regular photo. The previous one were under a lot of magnification. IMG_9494.jpg
  6. Ur latest pic looks ok to me,,,crack a bud open n post a pic.

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