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Is This Mj

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eddieg15, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I need some help can't tell what these are but its by where I was tossing the seeds I got from my zips of loud

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  2. #2 Bianchi94, Jun 10, 2013
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    Loud shouldn't have seeds and doesn't look like it to me
  3. None of them look like weed to me man :smoke:
  4. i loled so hard
  5. Another 12 year old on GC
  6. go to google images and look up marijuana dope.  No it's not weed
  7. I know loud don't have seeds but when u smoke a zip every 4 days of fire u gonna come across a few seeds after awhile n tha corn I get be better than some peoples dro of has seeds
    N I was jw cause I ain't ever grown a plant but can smoke u under the table n just so everyone know the best bud is in Amsterdam

  8. Dude... those are weeds.
  9. Lol I bet OP is 12 - 15.
    Young enough to think he can brag about goin through an oz of dank every 4 days. I mean you can really only smoke that much if you grow it, and this guy don't even know what a cannabis plant looks like.
  10. Right? Shit I think I smoke a lot and I go through a half every 6 days. And even then, I've bought on that average two ounces a month, been this way for over two years, so that's 48 ounces, and never have I ever found a seed in my bud.
  11. You know sometimes I wonder about humanity
  12. Looks like there is going to be a funeral... because I just died!

  13. God the stupidity in this thread is amazing.
  14. Ahhh shit son! That right there is gonna be some chronic!

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  15. Nah man we get tons of those in Idaho and they're big bush trees except they look more real than what you found.
  16. OP is too lazy to compare plants in his yard to a photo of MJ. But not so lazy that he won't photograph and upload pics of every species of plant in the entire yard.
  17. I thought I saw some poison oak and nettles in there! Don't be smoking that stuff!
  18. It looks like purple thunderfuck ultimate chocolate kush to me.
  19. If I see one more person use the term "Loud", I'm gonna...

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