Is this makeshift mouthpiece safe??

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  1. I lost my plastic mouthpiece that came with my ecig. So i got this metal tool from walmart. It doesnt fit exactly so i use duct tape to keep it in place. Ive been using it since yesterday but i got to thinking maybe this is toxic/poisonous.

    I would go get a new mouthpiece but i live in a small town and closest smoke shop is about an hour bus ride and i got to go to work everyday.
    Im trying to vape my CBD oil.

    I mean whats in cigarettes must be worse right? Just worried about my immediate health.

    Any genuine comments from informed people are appreciated.


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  2. As long as it doesn't rust. Some mouth tips are all metal yeah but they have a plastic sleeve around the center to prevent that.

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  3. thanks for all your posts,,
  4. You can buy a driptip online for less than a dollar. Shipped to your door. Seriously. I'm sure duct tape is not good for your health.

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  5. Looks ghetto I'd just buy a new tip for it
  6. If it works, it works. As far as worrying about the quality of the metal, I wouldnt worry any more tha I would ordering a metal tip online. The cheap Chinese companies that produce $1 drip tips dont care about what type of metals they use in their alloy. Were talking about the same mentality that leads to children's toys being shipped with leaded paint and made of horrible plastics. Would it fit better and not look all ghetto, definitely. Would it be any healthier, without actually testing the metal who knows.
  7. Probably spent more on the tool than to just get a straw or a drip tip from your shop. Our shop has these $1 solid tips that aren't bad

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