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Is this light ok?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by tom.2k9, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. it will be enough light for one lowryder
    so you can learn how mj grows and functions
    but once you see the power of high pressure soidum
    lights you will be a believer :)
  2. My friend grows with a 600w HPS lamp. They make his plants grow big and fast lol.

  3. You need to stop giving bad advice bro. Let people learn you are just pointing them in the wrong direction:rolleyes:
  4. what ,how is that bad advice?
  5. He has more +rep than you with less posts, please tell us how its bad advice?
  6. 125 watt cfl will produce about 7,000 lumens
    in a little pc case it will be plenty of light for
    one single lowryder plant

    if you dont like my post
    maybe you should
    post a response instead
    of criticizing the opinion
    of another post

    either that or switch to the sativa
    so you dont have so much spare time


  7. I agree, i use cfls for my seedlings then progress to a 50w mh, the flower room is lit under 2 600w hps. Before when i grew under cfl's alone i got 1/2 to 1 ounce per plant. Now i get 1/4 to 1/2 lbs per plant. Plat size is the same just bigger more plentiful buds.

  8. First off to me it is bad advice,. that thing bulb inside a pc case will easily do over 100 degrees. ALso he is doing lowryders which is an autoflower, so you are going to want more of a 2700k color or HPS color bulb not the 5500k or 6500k that the FULL spektrums are. and if you think that light puts out 7000 lumens you must be smoking some ill shit, and I would love to try it.

    If I were you buddy Id go with cfls 2 42 watt 2700k and 2 6500k bulbs to start then switch to 4 2700k bulbs for the rest of the grow. line the inside with mylar and you are good to go. Plenty of lumens then and plenty of wattage:D:D

    So please if your going to give him info give him the right info and why. Just dont say yeah that will be good.

    And to who ever said he has more rep than me. This place FULL of young lil boys who dont know much, and go by what they read on forums, which then leads them into problems.

    Just read bro, and get as much info as u can before you start. Thats just my .2 cents :smoking:
  9. The PC case will have 2 80mm intake fans and a 120mm extractor fan and i could add 2 more fans if it gets to hot. Will a dual spectrum bulb not grow the lowryder then?

  10. Ok and is this suppose to be stealth?? or you want massive sound, and massive electricty?

    Just do your research and figure out what will be best, look at other pepoples grow and see what they use. that bulb is way too much for a pc case. I can tell you that
  11. There is nowhere in the UK that i've seen that sells e26/27 CFL bulbs, Y Splitters, Or plug sockets.
  12. There are plenty buddy you are looking in the wwrong place. What are you looking to do and find?? What kind of setup do you need?? I can ehlp you out and so can a few of my buddies that are in the UK
  13. Well i've seen a setup which i like inside a pc case and the person just stuck an extension lead on the back of the case with 2 plugs plugged in which had an e26/27 socket on it. He then had one Y-Splitter in each and then 2 CFL bulbs in each.

    So really what i would like is:
    An Extention Lead
    2 x e26/27 Plug Socket
    2 x Y-Splitter
    4 x 2700k 26w CFL Bulbs
    4 x 6400k 26w CFL Bulbs

    However the only thing i can seem to find is the extention lead :(
  14. What are the dimmensions of your PC case? I have the Antec 1200 for my PC, and I think that is the biggest PC case there is. Now you want to put 8 cfls inside your case??? YOUR NUTS. Let me help you and do the math for you........

    4 bulbs Times 26 watts is 104 watts total. So 8 bulbs will be 208 watts!! That will cover a 2 foot by 2 foot area easily. And what you are covering 8 inches by 10 inches Id say.

    Think what you are trying to do. 1 plant grown inside a PC case, which most likely will be an Autoflower. 18" plant max and you want 208 watts for her? Dude you want 100 watts per plant and 50 watts after that.

    If I were you Id look at my custom Light fixture I made, and go from there, what you are trying to do is way easy, you are just making it difficult. All I used were sockets n bulbs, n wire.

    I am here to help but your design and info is out there.

  15. that bulb putts off around 7-8 k lumens.
    he wants to grow one lowryder
    how is that not enough light?
  16. its not the color spektrum that he neeeds, they are autoflowers, no veg stage really so u want 2700k bulbs rather than 6500k
  17. Would you be able to find me a site that sells the lighting equipment i need in the uk please?
  18. thats just the thing tho
    if you rather a Dual spectrum
    they 2700 is only half of the kelvin rating
    for flowering you would want more of the lower k rating
    but you still want the full spectrum of light

    this is taken from babygro
    from another popular forum

    so i believe you would rather a dual spectrum rather
    than just half of the spectrum

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