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Is This Kief Worth Smoking Yet?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by giantoneeyedsnake, May 26, 2013.

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  2. I say dont smoke it and let it build up. Thats around how much kief i got from grinding 1 dub, is it the same for you? If not smoke it
  3. i'd top off a bowl pack with that and be on cloud 9 instantly
  4. save it. it's worth saving up unless you know you're going to be dry in the future. 
    if dry, then I grind all my bud (not in one session, of course) and save it until I'm down to my last few nugs.
    then I use a plug-nug, kief layer, bud, kief, and bud. it's all personal preference though.
    If you aren't used to kief, that should get you blasted!  :yummy:
  6. While that is enough to get you fucked up I'd say let it build up until you go through a dry spell, then bust out the grinder and have hella kief
  7. Save it then vape it
  8. Save that dude. It feels so much better to have a kief filled grinder available when you truly need it. And once you start saving right you can scrape out a bowl topper every now and then and it wont hurt your kief supply. If you did it now you would just have to start from scratch all over again
  9. I would save it to get a good amount then press it.
  10. I save mine for a rainy day, keep it till you really need it. Here is my Stash...


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  11. I usually don't smoke my keif until I'm almost outta bud.  :smoking:

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