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Is this just in my head?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Ok, so recently I've been getting used to smoking more weed in 1 setting, but I'm kinda confused. After a certain point, I can't really tell if I'm getting any higher. I take a hit and I feel it hit me even stronger for a good second, but after that I think it kinda fades away. I'm too high to tell at that point lol. Maybe its all in my head but just after a while it just feels like I'm not getting much higher. For example the other night I was at a buddy's and we smoked ... I don't even know, like legit 8 bowls of some dank off his bong. After the like 3rd or 4th I was just really really high and I just couldn't tell if I was getting higher lol. So what do you guys think

  2. I have been smoking a bong for two years, and herb doesn't do much to me. 
    If I really want to get high, I get some wax/herb/oil and sprinkle it on my weed. 
    If you're able to get wax easy, try dabbing. Flower only gets me motivated haha 
  3. i think theres a limit in your tolerance, that or you smoke too much in one sitting.
    maybe try waiting between hits, or different stronger strains?
  4. You need something stronger. I have had weed that smells amazing looks amazing hits amazing but the high was shit and I would go through a gram in a sitting and feel like I smoked some regs.
  5. My advice: stand up.Sent from The Architect's Mobile Device
  6. You have built a high tolerance for whatever amount you smoke. Take a T-Break for about a month, start smoking sativa's, do dabs as mentioned above. I've also tried the eating a mango an hour or so before smoking, did wonders for me for about a month.
  7. I get more baked outside i reckon
  8. I get more baked outside i reckon
  9. like you said you were too high to tell the difference so whats the point in smoking more if your already high? why waste the weed i was hitting a bong with my buddy and after 4 bowl packs, maybe even during the 3rd i was already high as shit but we smoked the 4th because we each matched 2 packs, but theres no point in wasting the weed if your already high, thatll just cost you more money

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