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is this jar good enough and my bubbler?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NewToToking, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. #1 NewToToking, Apr 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 24, 2010
    im new and im just starting to get real into marijuana.
    im just about to get my medical card tomorrow. and hopefully if i get it ima get an 8th of some FIRE OG kush. :eek: anyway is this good enough its about 3-4 inches high 2-3 inch width. and its a twist on so is that still good for air tight. i tried putting water in it and closed the top on and shook it like crazy and no water came out so is it good? it also has a small rubber ring on the top that i think blocks air out im not sure. or i think its just to protect the rim of the jar. also it contained some jam inside of it i just washed it out with hot ass water for the longest time. it doesnt smell like anything but the cap still smells like it just a hint. should i get alchol and wash it out or will it be fine?

    and my bubbler i got so nervous when buying it so i left the store and had to get my friend to buy it for me. yeah lame but he picked something good and it was this. for 40$ is it good?it looks tall but its like 7 inches tall.


  2. Why did you get so nervous? If you weren't getting your card I'd think you didn't have adult ID, heh.. Good luck with that shit, hope it helps your anxiety, lol.

    Nice bub son :metal:
  3. ty. i was just nervous idk. i had my id and all i was looking around in the shop and the lady kept asking me do you see something you like. i didnt know what a bubbler was i just saw small pipes and bongs. they were aight. but i wanted a ice bong and the bongs they had were either too big or just weird shaped. and i felt my friends waiting on me so i just left then they are like fk u i came here for nothing. and he said just give me your money and ill pick one out for you. and i gave it to him and he got that.
  4. He picked just fine, I'd deffinitly pay $40 for that personally. I've paid more for less haha. Jars' are always kickass, man. Once you start buying some weeds you'll appreciate the hell out of it.
  5. Jar looks fine if you're not keeping your buds in there for a long while. Sweet bub
  6. you should relax and take a deep breath and stop hassling yourself

    and you should not worry if your bubbler is "good enough" thats a matter of personal opinion, and only you can answer that. its about priorities.

    oh and you can buy a big case of jars from walmart for 6 bucks
  7. I've hit those bubblers before, they're very nice. Good luck getting your card and your stash jar looks fine, just make sure it's nice and sparkly clean for your pickup. Let us know if you get that card!
  8. Yeeaah! If you get a card, make sure to post some good pictures of your nuggets, man :metal:
  9. :p i got my card. temporary for 3 months but i gotta get my med records in to get the full 12 months. anyway. ill post some pictures when my dads not home. or something. idk. anyway i got some fire og kush hybrid. smells delicious. for 55 a 1/8th. it was around 3.7. and a free gram of sour diesel. i only smoked a bowl of sour diesel and i would say im not impressed. because its a indica. and im fairly new at smoking. so i never experienced this kind of high. i like it when i can feel everything see everything and what not. so i cant wait to hit the fire og kush :) probably on monday cuz college. got alot of homework. conduct interviews and research some paper. and ill post some pictures up when i have time :D. but yeah im happy i got my card

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