is this hermie

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  1. these are showing yellow ball shaped from female pods
    sori bwt pics best i could get any help appreciated :confused:

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  2. what happened to all of her leaves
  3. slowly turning yellow n died my nutes have been all kinds of crazy but need to know if its hermie so i dnt infect rest of d crop
  4. you may need to wait until the end of flowering to see the signs
  5. I see what you mean though, it looks like it has the horns growing
  6. any one kno what i should do
  7. read and learn.
    cant tell myself so look up some pics of male pollen sacs, if you see them on the plant along with female flowers then you have a hermi.
    cut it up and make some hash.
  8. I wanna say Merry Christmas when I
    look at that last pic lol.

  9. yea will do that tdegero..
    lol thats what i say freakbro
    shes a really good strain dnt knw what tho
    hopefully she comes out all female
  10. Shes female.
    And if ya play your cards right - ya just
    might get a decent pull from her.

  11. might be too early to be 100%, but I'd say female.
  12. thanks for the input.
    ima keep her going unless she shows further signs of turning
  13. i love that signature :D :hello:
  14. if the leaves were yellowing u might have a nitrogen defiency.i know there are products out there,and this might sound very crazy to most the morn when u first urinate,do it in a bottle than dillute w water.i would say an 80-20 water ratio would start them turning green again.i had a w widow that turned complete yellow,and after two apps. of the mixture they were green again.but dont over do it either you could get nut burn!yes from urine.urine is mostly i said it sounds wierd but give it a whirl and let me know how it went.i wish i had b4 and aftwer pics to show but camera dont wanna work or my widow's,haze,nyc purple diesel,and my g-13 would b posted.try if u want,some people are gonna call me a rookie,and crazy.i'm for from crazy but an experienced grower,just not a master by any means.good luck,and look for grape like pods @ the node's under the flower's and if they r bunched up like grapes than u got a hermie,or if u had a male it might have gaotten some pollen on it to produce seed's.c if u can find seeds to pop if there are even little sacs.bad eyes,couldnt c very well
  15. Those two lime greeny-yellow bananas poking out the top of the fuzzball are male apparatus, sometimes late in flower certain plants try to release some pollen although often times the plant is way past it's time and ability to produce a seed...but it does it anyway. It's sex linked and doesn't have anything to do with your treatment of the plant or light cycle disruption or anything you did, it's only stresser is a whole long grow without pollen present. Pull them off, you'll be fine.

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