Is this heat stress or?

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    The moment i switch my clone from 20W CFL to this 54w LED its leaves go straight up pointing to the light after few hours.

    I dont get it. Looks like heat stress but the LED is only slightly warm to the touch, and i have good ventilation. The last pic is with CFL.
    Temp: 21.5C Humidity: 50%.

    If i put old CFL plant goes back to normal. But i would like to put it under this LED because the plant i grew from the seed under it was really low and bushy which i want the plant to be. I dont wanna use cfls since they cause stretch. And no, im not keeping my plant too far, im keeping them actually 1-2cm from the CFL, i even burned my plants alot of times.

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  2. looks like over watering
  3. But man, the pot is light as a feather, i actually forgot to water it almost a week! xD It can be only underwatered.
  4. the leaves are up your plants are happy. As long as they are not curling your good .
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  5. Welp, i said, "suck it up" and leaved it on that light, her leaves go up and down during the day but its growing and looks happy, so its prolly nothing to worry about. :) Thanks for answers!
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  6. Praying leaves my friend. That is your plant liking that new light. A lot!

    I'd leave her for a few days, maybe back the light off a bit and steadily move it closer with time.

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  7. Looks Good my leaves usually stand straight up. I went from Cfl's to an LED also! They like the Led's better I'm sure. Here's a picture of my plants strain Aurora autos. Good Luck with your Grow[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] the last picture is of my older female doing Great

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