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Is this grit weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by eNkee13, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. #1 eNkee13, Oct 28, 2014
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    Hello guys,

    All the dealers around have been selling some shiny weed lately. After burning, shiny particles remain. I haven't tasted it, but I did smoke about 3 grams by myself and I no effects it seems. I noticed it since the ash in my ashtray was shining.

    Is it safe to smoke? What do you think it is? I have about 1 gram left, do you think I can finish it and never smoke it again or just stay away from it?

    It seems like it is all over the bud, even inside.
    See how it looks. In reality, its quite shiny and you can see it with the naked eye(not too easy).

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  2. Hard to tell whether that's plastic or trichomes :confused_2: 
  3. #3 eNkee13, Oct 28, 2014
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    Would trichomes stay after you burn it to ash? I did burn a piece and then when i smudged it between my fingers, the little crystals stayed. They are flat and shiny and differ in size.

    EDIT: Now that I look at the picture, it is really missleading. This is not what it looks like, it looks like pieces of mirror, to be super precise, very very very small, all over the bud.
  4. No there should only be ash, white or black left. 
  5. Well yes, obviously, I am asking if you know what it is  and if I can smoke my last gram? ALL the dealers in my town sell the same stuff for some reason and it's been like this for a while. Been trying to find alternatives for a while but it's been over 1 week and I kinda feel like smoking.
  6. You asked if trichomes would stay after you burn it to ash.  My answer is no. 
    I don't know what it is.
    If in fact there is something grainy that doesn't burn away then that is not normal.  IDK what else to tell you.  Stop dealing with these dealers. 
    Sounds like pieces of fiberglass. I would definitely warn people who are buying from the person who supplied you with this. 
  8. I had some white rhino a long time ago that was squishy but dense as fuck.. it was weirdly symmetrical bud, and it straight up tasted like plastic.. and left weird orange liquid balls of "resin" in my bowl... fuckin weird, but it got me baked... but i never smoked it again

    [now is the time to restore your connection with the divine]
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    Don't smoke it any longer...

    And find a new dealer..

    I think what you are seeing is foliar sprayed cannabis...


    Most nutes leave a "salty, glistening residue " on the surface of whatever was sprayed.

    I NEVER foliar feed plants in flower stage.

    My guess, is some fucking moron sprayed the flowers with nutes trying to increase yield.

    Refrain from smoking, toss it bro
  10. Lol white rhino as in the strain or as in unmentionable that begins with a c and is intentionally laced with weed 
  11. #11 visionaryarteest, Oct 29, 2014
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    Nah, the strain, laced white rhino is a myth

    [now is the time to restore your connection with the divine]
  12. I read threads like this and it makes me SO glad I grow my own now.
  13. Get a jewler's loupe and inspect that shit. Hell, I'd smoke it anyway.
  14. How is it a myth lol? People do it all the time and call it white rhino, it's not like they sell it on the street or anything. If you ask me it's a waste of c*k*
  15. I'm pretty damn sure that the unmentionable you're speaking of is NOT combustible.... that's why they process it into a smokable form....
    You'd just be destroying that other shit... It's a myth.
    White rhino is simply a strain...

    [now is the time to restore your connection with the divine]
  16. Agree, must be free based in order to work in a joint.
  17. If its glass (which you nevet know) use a water filtered piece and you'll be good.

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