Is this gonna be a tree?

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    Started her inside from a bag seed... First time growing outdoors, I find its MUCH easier already lol. Treated with neem oil and jobes 4.4.4 dry ferts and deer/rabbit repellent(which works awesome btw. We have goats and they got lose and ate everything AROUND my plant. Only water with rainwater, have only had to water her once bc of the rain we've been getting. planted her outside on memorial day when she was about 1' tall. Is this going to be a tree? I'm hoping so. What else can I do to ensure a mighty harvest outdoors?

    Totally legal grow btw. Waaaaay back like 5 acres on the property, outta view from anyone in a locked pigfence cage. 20190626_114042.jpg

    Edit: I'm in Michigan
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  2. nice bagseed growing matey ,,ive got a bagseed growing in a pot its not as big as your plant but its doing ok for a bag seed ,,i usually grow from seedbank seed ,,,mac, IMG0346A.jpg
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  3. Powdery Mildew = Green cure once a week every week
    Caterpillars = BT once a week every week.

    Hydro store.
    Local garden center.

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  4. Neem oil has been working alright, even with the cold humid week we had a couple weeks ago. Was using herbal oils for molds and pests but noticed some funny colors and leaf munches so I stepped up to neem. I'll give the stronger stuff a go if I need to. Start from the bottom, ya know? But my main question, is this gonna be a tree? Always wanted a weed tree. Lol.
  5. I don't want to be that guy.... But you started it pretty late. Won't get huge but it will still get fairly large. Definitely bigger than an indoor plant.
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  6. Will any of these become trees?

  7. No they will start switching to flower stage in late July.
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  8. Damn. I was told to stick em out on memorial day. When should I be sticking them out? I'm scared of frost.
  9. Like I said its my first outdoor grow. I'm looking at a daylight chart online, and it says we're still getting 14-13.5hr of light throughout july, and not dipping into 12's until august. Why would they flower before the daylight is cut into 12/12?
  10. Im assuming you're in Michigan, with it being in a cage and out of view? If thats the case, mid may is ideal. But you have to be careful about hours of light, I have seen them start to flower for a week or so then reveg, which puts you behind. Best bet is mid may, with a cfl or solar light on it for a few extra hours until the outdoors light catches up. Need bigger holes dug and backfilled with premium soil(if in ground is your choice) if you want trees.
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  11. I am from Mi. No signs of revegging. When i started the seed indoors, I matched the indoor light hours with the sunlightlight hours on the transplanting day(14hr). If that makes sense lol. And I did dig out a nice size hole (maybe about 20gal?) And put some pea gravel in the bottom (i have VERY poor draining soil), replaced it with a mixture of soil, compost, perlite and some coir, as well as a handful or two of jobes 4.4.4. Then threw some mulch on top. She seems to be liking it. Doubles in size every week. Should I start indoors a little earlier you think? I want to eventually make a Jorge Cervantes style cannabis tree .
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  12. Your soil sounds good but when I was in ground 3x3x3 holes were what I used to get some nice 10ft+plants. A little wider would of been even better. You need tons of root space to get the kind of plant you're thinking. Have them veg for a while, start your seeds in February.
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  13. Me 2 muskegon

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