Is this fu*ked up?

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  1. Ok first of all this happened to me, not me doing this to someone else. Ok so this girl, who I am pretty good friends with, texts me when I got off work today and just wanted to know what I was up to. This was at 6 and I tell her that I just got off work. She then tells me that she is at a bar and asked me if I wanted to come by. Ok a little background, this girl has a bf and lives with him, he usually get's home from work around 8:30 at night, but when he goes to work, she usually hit's me up and we chill until she needs to go. Before any of you think I'm an asshole for being with her when she has a bf, I asked her if she is ok with this and that she doesn't mind it and she is ok with it. I even told her that I didn't want to come between them and she said I wouldn't. I think we are more than just friends with benefits and I am there for her whenever she needs me. 
    Anyways back to the point, I know her bf get's home around 8:30 and when she texted me, I even asked her if she is sure that she can chill. She says that she can chill for a bit, and I'm cool with that. So I go to the bar she is at to try and meet up with her, well I get there by 7:30 and call her and she doesn't answer. I text her that I'm here, and then she texts me that she will come to me after she finishes her beer. I tell ok, about 20 mins later, I text her to see where she is and why she isn't here yet, she then texts me back after 30 mins of telling me that she is going to finish her beer, that she is coming now. She doesn't get there until 8, and then tells me that she needs to go home. THIS PISSED ME OFF, I knew she was going to pull some bullshit like this and we ended up not even chilling. I had to drop her off home, and while I was driving, she kept asking me if I was mad, I told her no but does she really need to ask me if I'm mad? Of course I'm fucking mad, fucking lied to me about being able to chill and just basically hit me up cause she needed a ride. She's done this before, making me wait when I get there for an hour or more. I'm not trying to be a bitch about this, but seriously even if she see's me as a friend, I don't think she should make me wait for her for more than 15 mins. when I'm there to see her and chill with her. What's worse was when I was dropping her off, she said she was chilling outside and smoking with some people. This got me really pissed also, cause she couldn't have called or even texted me to meet up with me first? especially when she knows we don't have a lot of time to chill, she goes and smokes with random people, rather than chill with me and just make me wait for her until she is ready to go home. 
    Do you guys think she is fucked up for doing this to me? Sorry for the long read, and thanks if you read the whole thing, this just happened right now ON fucking valentines day and I needed to rant. I'm going to enjoy this bowl and try and calm down. Again thanks for reading. 

  2. Lol ya that's pretty bitchy of her alright but u still get to fuck her sometimes so I'd say its worth puttin up with a bitches shit every once in a while:)

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  3. why are you mad?she has a bf whie fucking you on the side and this petty crap makes u mad?damn i feel sorry for the gf u end up with cause you probly will kill her if she was screwing some other nigga on the side..but nah its not fucked up of her its the game play it or get played..
  4. Honestly hate to sound like an insensitive dick so no offense but is it really that big of deal?
  5. Ya that's what I keep telling myself, I just got to handle her shit sometimes cause I get to fuck her anyways lol. 
    I just think it's disrespectful. I get off, tired from work, to go meet up with her cause I thought she wanted to chill, then ends up making me wait for her in a parking lot until she needs a ride home? The only time we even chilled was when I was driving her back to her place. I just think she needs to respect me more cause I really do a lot of shit for her and I'm there for her whenever she needs me. Maybe I am getting pissed over a little thing, but it's mostly about how she can disrespect me like that, especially when I waste my gas just to go pick her up and drop her off cause she didn't want to bike home? 
  6. Cause it's the lack of respect for me that's why I'm pissed. 
  7. and we feel ya but you think a girl with the thought of u just using her for sex i mean you probly aint the only trick she playing you know.maybe she tried hitting other people up but they knew her shit so she hit you up...and if she aint got no respect for her bf you think she's going too respect you?think about it you just have it in you're head that you're screwing her and should get respect but that aint how it works dont expect a saint from a sinner.
    I just hate bicthes and their games. I just need to figure out if she is playing me or not which is why I don't know how to act towards her. I don't understand what she see's me as, she tells me that only me and her bf are the two guys in her life right now, and I do believe she's not a ho cause during the day, she chills with me and at night she goes back to her bf when he gets home from work. She also tells me how I'm a really good friend of her's, how I'm like a second bf to her. It's all the crap she says to me that makes me think that she actually might like me, but fuck would you do that shit even if it's just your friends? Honestly I've never been played by a girl before, so this shit is all new to me and I just gotta figure out how she sees me as.
    Did you ask the boyfriend?
    I don't know the bf, so no. If she wants to be messed up to her bf, it's on her and not my fault. I even asked her to be honest with me and asked her if she wanted me to go away. She told me no and that she didn't want to lose me, so it's her decision to do that to her bf and not mine. 
    But you're helping her cheat on her boyfriend. That makes you an asshole and it gives you no right to complain about her treating you like shit when you are treating the boyfriend like shit.
  12. are you like expecting too be her new bf once the other guy leaves? you know she will cheat on you too and how would u feel about it?
  13. you're the guy on the side g who gets mad at that? all you gotta do is know your role when he fucks up you step up let her cry on your shoulder give her the dick then be gone. if she leaves him don't gal her tho because she'll just cheat on you square biz
    That's why I'm glad I'm not her bf, I know she would do this kind of shit if we were together. I don't expect to be her bf, she says all these things to me that only a bf and gf are suppose to say to each other which confuses the fuck out of me cause then she doesn't even respect me? even as a friend? Shit I'm ok with just being her friend, but what am I suppose to do when we are chilling and then she wants to fuck? I can't just say no to her, cause then she's going to think I'm mad at her or some shit, I have enough respect for the boyfriend to ask her if she really wants to do this, cause ya honestly I do feel bad for the bf and I would never want my gf to do what she does, but then she tells me all these bullshit about how he doesn't treat her good, they've known each other for 10+ years and she told me they have been on and off for like 5 or 6 years? And to be honest, the shit she tells me about her bf, he does seem like a dick to her. I just don't know how I should see her as.
  15. what if she acts all disrespectful too her bf like she does too you from time to time?i mean u hear one side of a stor and think it's truth from a girl that cheats meaning she's the furthest person from being truthful..either you are young and naive,or just dumb no disrespect.and who cares if she say's that shit too you it's part of her game DOH..and actually saying no too a girl give's you more power over her hold on you..and like i said you cant expect a cheating person too be honest and truthful with wouldnt knowingly leave a thief alone in you're house knowing he's a thief..
    Everyone likes to play the victim when they know they're doing something wrong. I can't tell you what to do with your life but the boyfriend will find out somehow. You better watch your back when he does.
  17. That's why I think I shouldn't be too mad cause I don't know if this is just how she is or if this is how she is just towards me. I've asked her before if this is how she treats her other friends, but she didn't say anything to me. I think that's my problem, I am too caring and trusting of her, I don't know what she expects of me. What should I say to her next time she wants to have sex? 
    I don't think everything bad she tells me about him is lying though. For example, around last november, me her and her cousin( who's a girl) went to a get together and her bf ended up being there. The next day she tells me that her bf told her that he thought that her cousin is hella fine and that he wanted to get her number. He's even gotten one of her girl friends number right in front of her. So I do feel like he does treat her bad and feel bad for her which makes me not want to just cut her off you know? Plus she has no family to help her and she just got evicted from her old house. So what should I do now then? Should I just cut her off? 
     I don't know. The one that needs to come up with that answer is you but if the bf really is an asshole then you should watch your back when he finds out.
  19. man up. if you wanna keep getting at her do it if you don't don't. if you're worried about the bf just get on your goldie status "You're bith chose me..." type shit. or fight well  :confused_2:
  20. I'm not tripping about him. I can handle him if he wants to do anything to me. I just gotta figure out this messed up situation and find out where I fit in it. 

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