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  1. I have put everything into my basket and hopefully this is all I need, if you could check through and take a look make sure I'm not missing anything, thanks.

    Tent: 3 x 3 x 5.9
    6" Air Cooled Hood (I wont air cool it, I'll just have heat extracting from it)
    OMEGA 400w Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb
    OMEGA 600 watt dimmable ballast (dimmable to 600w - 250w)
    6" Inline Fan for Getting in Fresh Air
    2.0m Ducting for Inline Fan
    Rhino Carbon Filter w/ Black Orchid Extraction Fan (with ducting and clips)
    4 Extra Jubilee Clips
    Fan: Secret Jardin Oscillating Fan (6inch,20w)
    Hangers: 6 Rope Rachets

    This will be my setup to grow, hopefully it includes everything. I'll have the grow room setup like the image below, and my Inline fan I'll probably put at the bottom of my tent to pull air straight inside.
    Screenshot - setup I am copying

    I'll also in the future get a little humidifier and dehumidifer for drying the harvest as I'll be drying in the tent, but once I have it I'll also use them for growing aswell and stick by the VPD chart like Jungleboyz do.

  2. A couple of opinions.
    1. LEDs in the form of Quantum Boards and COBs are preferred by most growers. The greater initial cost is offset by savings in electricity over time. The HLG QBs work well.
    2. You might want a taller tent. Vigorous plants can get 7+ ft tall in hydro, and still pretty tall in dirt. If buckets are 1 ft tall, lights 1 ft away from plant, and 1/2 ft from ceiling, that leaves less than 3.5 ft for plant height.

    A few other things to consider.
    1. Check out autoflowers, the future of home growing. But breeder is very important.
    2. Hydroponics and hydro-like grow methods (autopots, hempy buckets, and others) will produce bigger yields.
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  3. In order to get a taller tent, I need to upgrade in length and width size, I'd like to get a 4x4x6, but the problem is a 400w HPS wouldn't cover it then...
  4. I use these, and just ordered the second one to replace a 3 x 3 that I'll stop using because I can't reach the back of the tent.
    Everything is reachable, so there's never a need to enter the tent.
    No space between plants is needed.
    Gorilla LITE LINE Indoor 2x4 Grow Tent
  5. Oops double post
  6. The light does not need to cover the whole tent. Height is very valuable. I would not place much value on tent quality. Big heavy material and zippers are nice on bike jackets. It just needs to be strong enough to hold what you hang from it. Growers house has some house brand tents which are taller than many. Qb lights have so far surpassed hid it is really not even a brainer anymore.
  7. I'll purchase a 4x4x6.5 tent then with a 450W HPS.
  8. right, the light determines the actual growing footprint. The tent is merely max growing area. You can drive yourself crazy trying to find a light to fit a footprint when the light already has a max footprint.
    I would go with a qb board. Double check them out again before you spend on an hid.
  9. I don't have enough money for QB. I have a $160.00 budget for lighting, and that's the exact price of my HPS including bulb, air cooled hood, ballast ect..
  10. Sounds like that is the light god has chosen for you. Most all the pot I ever smoked was grown under hid. So I know it grows good pot.
  11. Would a 450W HPS be suitable for about 3 plants in a 4x4x6.5?
  12. so a normal plant in about a 3 gallon container usually takes about 2x2. With hps figure 50 watts needed per square foot, but that is optimum, you don't need that much around the edges. Yield is determined by buds per square foot rather than number of plants.

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