Is this even weed?

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  1. I am now on my 5th day of growing and my little baby has grown to only about 1 inch tall. However, it has already sprouted 2 leaves. The shape and general look of the leaves and plant aren't similar to any pics I've seen online of baby cannabis plants and I'm wondering if the seed I got is even cannabis (I am about 95% sure it is because I found it in a bag I got an 1/8 in). Can someone please either support or refute this possibility?

    (You can find full-size pics at my album)




    Thanks. -Eric

    BTW- i dont know if this matters but I accidently let the root stem get really long before I planted it. Could that have something to do with the "off" appearance?

  2. from the pics i would say yes it is a weed plant. congrats:smoking:
  3. Are you growing outdoors?

    Damn dude, your plants wanna grow faster than mine!
  4. With cotyledons only showing, ALL plants look much the same.
  5. The first set of leaves will be round, after that they will build up slowly.
    Youll get some 3 pointed leaves, 5, and eventually 7.

    Right now it looks like it could be pot, it looks like it could be Alfalfa.
    If you found it in a bag, it's probably weed.

    Give it another couple of days.
  6. If it is bud you will next get a pair of single serrated leaves.

    Then a pair of 3 fingered leaves.

    Then a pair of 5 fingered leaves. All 5 or more after that.
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded!

    I checked it again after a day in the sun and the two new serated leaves are becoming bigger and more defined. Also I have a quick question about watering; I have read in various guides to only water every 2-3 days, however I have my plant in a pot on the top of a very high cliff where it receives full sunlight all day. Should I still go by the 2-3 day timeframe or water it everytime the soil gets dry?
  8. stick your finger in the soil and feel if it is damp. If its damp your good to go, if its dry wwell then you know you need to water it.. if its soaking, then that could be a over watering... GL with your grow..
  9. go with ganJa on that one.
  10. Ok, thanks for the advice guys
  11. Yeah, rember the first time germinating. I was thinking they looked more like bean sprouts.
    But your seed and root look pretty familiar, so id say yes! ive let the root get pretty long inthe past, It never seem to affect the plant. As long as you were relatively gentle with it during its transfer. Good luck with your grow! Peace, TBug:wave:
  12. how long until you get 5 finger leaves?
  13. Third pair of leaves have 5 fingers.
  14. i had like 6 pairs and all of them had 3.

    there is a 4th finger comming out of a couple of leaves but its not serated, its just a straight leaf
  15. Something wrong with that plant then. The first pair are simple leaves with 1 finger, second have 3, third have 5.
  16. look like mine did @ 1st. happy tokin` :smoke:
  17. i remember when i was in high school and i bought this weed and there were seeds in the bag so i took them home and i got all excited about growing my own plant so i went and got some soil from the garden and put it in a cup and put the seed in the soil and then i waited for a few days and a few little shoots started coming up and i was so excited, turns out the shoots were actual weeds from my garden that were in the soil and none of the real seeds ever worked. it was a character building experience, now i clone.
  18. the 4th finger on some of the leaves is growing in. but its a male:mad:
  19. That exact thing happened to me. Man did that suck.
  20. Funniest thing I have heard in ages.

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