Is this enough light?

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  1. Right now I have 3 of my 12 seeds planted in small tubs inside my garage. They're sitting by a small south-facing window. (I'd say it's half the height of a regular window in a house)

    The issue is, the window is frosted glass, so I'm pretty sure that means less light comes in, and I thought that growing plants by a window meant lower light levels anyway.

    The plan is for most of my plants to move outside after a week or two in the garage, and for maybe a couple of them to stay inside with some lights once I get a small growbox set up.

    Is this light enough for now?
  2. For seedling yes, a mature plant might need more light...
  3. No, especially if it's frosted glass.
  4. Okay the mixed responses aren't really helping, I could use some more in depth replies explaining why it's too much or too little light.

    If a friend of mine managed to start off 3 of his plants under a single 9W CFL (before I had to explain that he needs more), I'm sure diffused sunlight must be enough? Admittedly the growth I'd expect would probably be a little stunted, but it would still grow right?

  5. It would get stunted at some point, but at first it will grow max speed. That will probably be enough for a week...
  6. You're kidding. You don't believe me and want me to provide scientific proof?
    Do some reading.
    It will grow, but very poorly. It'll stretch toward the light and produce very little of the good stuff. 'Nuff said - I'm gone.
  7. I'm not so worried about stunted growth in first couple of weeks. I will be moving them outside after that anyway. It's just the best place for me to start them and I want to know that they won't die from a lack of light in that time.

    Thanks for the help :)

  8. An apprentice grower shouldn't be giving advices my man...

  9. What do you mean by apprentice grower?
    I've been growing for many years - 18 years outdoors in soil, 4 years indoors in soil, then just lately, 5 weeks in coco indoors.
    Sure, I'm new to coco but not new to growing by any means.
    Eat your words, my friend. You're very rude.

    Sorry for this JesusGreen

  10. The only other way to know for sure is to wait until someone else replays stating his opinion I guess....
  11. Others will reply, and would probably like very much to disagree with me, but the fact still stands that you won't do any good even vegging inside a frosted glass window. Might be almost perfect for starting clones, though. Your plant will stretch too much between nodes without proper light. True, it will live OK, but you won't even get close to the potential results.

  12. Dude, read the topic, the question is whenever the plants will survive for 1-2 weeks under that light.
  13. No, not true. He asked 'Is this enough light', not 'will they survive'
    The answer: Yes they will survive, but no, it isn't enough light.
    Good enough?
  14. im gonna have to go with madmax on this one. if you really want more light grab a few cfl bulbs, but you should be good for about a week to 10 days. theres really not much stretching that can take place during that period imo. the only thing id really be worried about is your light cycle (is the plant getting a long enough light period during the day).

    @wardrobe-you grew for 18 years outdoors? pics or it didnt happen my friend!
  15. mmm, just PMd you.
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    No, I don't have pics, had no camera then. And don't call me a liar, you arrogant little .....

    Regarding CFLs, I agree. Add some CFLs and you're fine. That wasn't the original question, to which I was replying, though.

    I only set out to help, was attacked, defended myself and got jumped on. Fuck you guys. Grow up and stop looking for fights for no reason.

    From here on in, I won't try to respond to anyone's questions. nobody bothers to read before posting anyway.
  17. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Hope I didn't start a fight.

    Regarding adding CFLs, would even just a couple of 20W 2700Ks be alright? I know 2700K is the preferred flowering spectrum rather than the vegging one, however I believe I already have a couple of those lights in the garage somewhere, so that would save me buying more if I'm only starting them indoors for a couple of weeks.
  18. I sacrificed a bunch of seeds to this topic and found that very little light is required for seedlings. I'd listen to MAX on this one, low light (I had best results with 2 14watt florescents) will get you full growth for about 10 days.

    My worst results were intense light (400Watt Metal Halide), the seeds would seem to take off for 2 days healthily, and suddenly withered and died within 8 hours of my last check!

    You may want to invest in a few lights to veg them a bit more before moving them outside, Wardrobe is right that you won't get much veg from that window you described and stretching does happen in those conditions, resulting in a rather healthy looking plant simply falling over from its own weight. and that's a sad sad thing to see, very disheartening, and if your starting out, that kind of disappointment lingers. stretching can also be a problem in high temps.

    I'm newish too, so don't rail my advice too hard plz
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    chill bro. dont get upset just because all of GC doesnt bow down to your advice and because i take your claims with a grain of salt. its pretty obvious that you joined the site 4 days ago because you still think swearing and getting upset will get you anywhere. i thought australians would be nice people lol.

    in summation,
    no one wants to hear you complain, save your voice for your didgeridoo. were sorry that steve erwin died, you dont still have to be upset about it.
  20. No, we're cool. (I think.)

    Yep, they'd definitely help. 6500K are better, as you know, but 2700K are better than nothing for now. Honestly, you won't regret adding extra light. Sorry 'bout the shitfight.

    We could swap - I have 4100K and 6500K, but need 2700K at the moment for a flowering plant that won't fit in my HPS cabinet. Gotta run out and buy some 2700s tomorrow.

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